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  1. Several from Jekyll Island, GA last week. It looks like I almost crossed paths with @Birds are cool! Dunlin, Royal Tern, Green Heron on nest.
  2. I don't recognize anything...are we sure this is the Atlantic Flyway?
  3. I haven't played it, but I know @Liam has it.
  4. Kevin T. Karlson, one of the authors of The Shorebird Guide, says most birds can be identified in all plumages. Not that I can do it. He does have a good page with tips on some things to look for: https://www.kevintkarlson.com/dowitchers
  5. Oh, that's right, there were two. I saw the one at the Brickyard Ponds in Richmond County.
  6. Congrats! Not a bad shot for a creeper. They blend right in with the tree, and they never pause for long.
  7. I'm at 214 for the year. That's a little behind the previous 3 years. And I just hit 331 on my life-list, a Red-throated Loon. The loon, a county first, was found by Sam Murray, who was a member on Whatbird back in the day.
  8. I'm not sure if this fits with the thread, but I try to add coordinates if a bird is a little more rare. I've learned that from other birders and I find it helpful.
  9. Spam used to have a recipe on the can for a glaze--brown sugar mustard and vinegar. It's delish. Spam is also good cubed, fried and added to potato soup or made into gravy.
  10. I have three. All from Phinizy Swamp and Nature Park, Augusta, GA. I can't really remember taking this shot either. Whoever took it clearly over-cropped it! LOL
  11. Maybe you've been hacked! Check your other photos and make sure @Charlie Spencerdidn't "donate' some of his worst shots. I'm checking mine, too. ?
  12. My parents called them Little Green Herons. I thought maybe the "little" was part of an older name that has since been changed. But if that's the case, I couldn't find anything online.
  13. Actually, the name is just Green Heron. I'm not sure why, but I've always called them Little Green Heron.
  14. This is a Little Green Heron. And it does look like a juvenile.
  15. Having just come from her hairdresser's, Cheryl couldn't wait to show off her new mocha chestnut neck fade.
  16. I found a Wilson's on this side of the river last September. @meghanntried to relocate it without success. They are definitely few and far between. Great shots by the way! In these kind of situations, photos are invaluable.
  17. It seems like there should be a line somewhere. "What are you having for Thanksgiving?" "Oven roasted Anhinga with stuffing."
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