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  1. What makes you think I've been eating circus peanuts?
  2. From today. Burke County, GA. Red-shouldered? Broad-winged? I can't find a match for the thin black bands in the tail. Thanks.
  3. Today, Burke County, GA. Highly cropped photos. Is is just me or is the head a bit small for a Bald Eagle?
  4. What if they are pelagic species, 50 miles from the nearest "field"?😉
  5. I think the proportions favor cormorant over Anhinga, and while it may not be obvious from these photos, I think the head was too bulky for Anhinga.
  6. Thanks. That makes sense. I couldn't place the long tail, but DC cormorant looks right.
  7. Today, Burke County, GA. A lone flyover. Is there any way to narrow it down based on the profile? The flight pattern was a bit fluttery and uncertain like it was bumping into head-winds, or was uncertain what direction to go. Also, is there a website that would show in-flight silhouettes? Thanks.
  8. For what it's worth, there are "speed cubes" available that are easier to turn. This allows one to get completely lost much quicker 😁
  9. I agree with Greater based on bulky, crown-forward head, slightly elevated eye placement, bright white sides of a breeding male, and I think we can see the nail well enough to see that it favors Greater.
  10. Wow, I'm pretty sure I've never seen that plumage. Interesting.
  11. Most likely, but I'm not completely sure.
  12. Yes, about good genes. My wife's grandmother loved her meat...often saved a bite of meat to finish her meal on. She died at 102 with a sharp mind and a fairly sound body. I don't remember her ever being sick.
  13. We don't have a TV, but I've seen some episodes of Chopped online. Pretty interesting. Also, I recently heard somebody recommend another cooking show. I think it was called Nailed It.
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