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  1. "Hey, watch me balance!" "No, your getting on my nerves! I don't care if that's the way Nik Wallenda does it!"
  2. Haha, my guess is probably not, although I didn't create this thread. There may be some guidelines back at the beginning. Nice job, by the way. What program are using?
  3. Here is my most recent Acadian that I tried to turn in to something other. It was perched about 10 feet off the ground, flicking it's tail. Your bird does look much darker. Although I have been surprised in my own photos how much lighting/exposure can vary from one shot to the next, making the same bird look quite different.
  4. Disclaimer: I am not good at flycatchers, but if it was something other than Acadian, I think we would need clearer shots to know for sure.
  5. Haha, I would be the wrong person to ask; I specialize in turning Acadian into anything but. But for those who can handle the truth...Psst...it looks looks spot on for Acadian, tree branch in the way and all.
  6. Wild thought, but the small bird has a female Black-throated Blue Warbler look about the face. The bill looks wrong, though. I'm really not sure. Congrats on the life Bar-tailed! Cool shot with the two together!
  7. I like your name! A Bible reference I presume? Do you happen to live by the sea?
  8. It funny, before I looked at what you had written, I thought about juvenile Black-bellied Whistling-Duck. Mainly because of the long necks on a few. I could definitely see some as Blue-winged Teal, too.
  9. I agree. The lighting is great. There is a certain mood...almost stormy. Maybe the bird is heading for cover.
  10. Arthur caught a glimpse of the tour group leader and promptly took a header!
  11. I think a Tree would have a whiter belly. Also Barn Swallows often have their tails fanned out. I think I am seeing the distinctive white band. Wait for more input.
  12. 1. Yes, Northern Mockingbird 2. ? 3. Maybe Barn Swallow
  13. Except for the large balls people kept rolling at him, Bert was pleased of his bowling pin physique.
  14. I've never heard of mayo based barbecue, but that would be a good reason to leave.
  15. What??? Then how do you pronounce barbeque? I thought quitaque was when you left a barbeque!
  16. And are the wings long enough for a Chimney Swift? They seem a tad short. But the body does look pretty good for a stogie.
  17. That's actually a good strategy...almost everything is a Pine Warbler!
  18. Phew, you scared me. I completely forgot about it. If I blow through the deadline, let me know. We can extend it if necessary.
  19. I agree with Spotted Sandpiper. They have a distinctive face once you get on to it.
  20. Thanks. Yes, it was accepted. I think I also described the flight pattern- snappy wing-beat/glide. I wasn't sure if it was acceptable to add a sketch, but evidently so.
  21. It was flagged as rare and I didn't get a photo, so...
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