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  1. I agree with Yellowlegs. Both Lesser and Greater bob like you mentioned. However, I'm not sure which this is. Calls can be helpful in distinguishing to two. Size can also help if they are near other species.
  2. As of today 1500 complete checklists. And a second sighting of a rare--for Richmond County, GA--Purple Gallinule...been here for about a week that we know of. The earlier sighting was in 1975.
  3. Did you build your e-commerce site? I'm not sure I'd want to tackle something that involved.
  4. I have a small construction related business. I'm not sure that the website is essential. More of a fun project. Word-of-mouth tends to bring in as much as I can manage.
  5. The calendar arrived this morning, and I love it! Excellent work! I never could manage to pick a favorite, but I also couldn't pick a least favorite. I think that must mean you nailed it. I also like the cover design. I've been working on a website and thinking more about how colors work together. Really well done all around!
  6. Is it the same bird? The middle photo looks like a Black-throated Blue Warbler
  7. Hmm...kind of late but maybe Bay-breasted.
  8. Yeah, probably not identifiable. I just don't recall seeing wings from this angle--the way they appear to thin out next to the body. I wondered if it might be distinctive, but probably not. And Red-shouldered would definitely be the most likely candidate.
  9. Today, Augusta, GA. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Greater for me, too. The bill length is in range for Greater, slightly upturned, and the nostril is well clear of facial feathers--a good mark for Greater.
  11. Looks good for Common Goldeneye. I think the bill is too large for Barrow's, and maybe too dark. Savannah, is quite yellow, but may just be a regional variation that strayed into your area.
  12. Maybe a drab Magnolia? It does have the black tip on the tail, but white immediately above. The streaking and the yellow rump might fit.
  13. Wilson's seconded. You can see a hint of the dark cap which a Yellow Warbler would not have, plus Yellow would have a yellow undertail.
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