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  1. Having just come from her hairdresser's, Cheryl couldn't wait to show off her new mocha chestnut neck fade.
  2. I found a Wilson's on this side of the river last September. @meghanntried to relocate it without success. They are definitely few and far between. Great shots by the way! In these kind of situations, photos are invaluable.
  3. It seems like there should be a line somewhere. "What are you having for Thanksgiving?" "Oven roasted Anhinga with stuffing."
  4. Black-throated Blue Warbler. Nice bird!
  5. I'd love to but I've been snowed under with other responsibilities. I need more Saturdays!
  6. How come I always get stuck with sundial duty?
  7. I was thinking Western, too. I have no experience with Baird's but I can't find any examples of Baird's with the chevron spotting below.
  8. Are we seeing the undertail for sure? I'm wondering if it might be a Wilson's Warbler. Wilson's has yellow undertail coverts, and yellow on the edges of the tail feathers. Just throwing it out there.
  9. 7/6/22 Burke County, GA. Maybe Field? Although, I can't locate any similar photos. There were adult Field Sparrows in the area. Thanks!
  10. Not to change the topic, but I love the second shot! Could you repost it after you get it off of your camera?
  11. I seem to recall that @The Bird Nutsonce posted a great clip. It might have been on the old forum.
  12. Here is a paper on the subject. https://www.westernfieldornithologists.org/docs/abstracts/39-4FP.pdf
  13. I agree with Spotted Sandpiper in breeding plumage. In fall and winter, it will lose the spots on breast and belly, and the bright orangey color of the bill will fade to a dull brownish yellow.
  14. birdie 🐦 #20: 🟥🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  15. I would have said BCNH, too. Are there any web pages or other resources on hybrids? I couldn't find anything.
  16. Thanks. I appreciate the input. The signature is actually a gray felt tipped pen; I'm not sure if it's waterproof. But I don't like the signature anyway. I think I'm going to paint over it and move it to the other side, and make it smaller. Artists can be so picky LOL.
  17. @The Bird Nuts, do you think I should put any sort of clear finish over it?
  18. Thank you. I used Strathmore Acrylic Paper Linen Finish. I don't remember using it before, but it worked well and stood up to moisture just fine.
  19. Today I made a card for relative--Piping Plover in acrylic.
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