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  1. I don't see a photo either. Goldfinch maybe?
  2. That might be a Swamp, but wait for someone with a better camera!
  3. Song, with the course streaking and heavy malar stripes.
  4. Thanks. I didn't realize it had been asked and answered. Amazing shots! I love how the focus tracks the bird in flight. I'm not actually in the market at the moment but I like to know what works. And I'll take a look at the Sony's.
  5. It sounds logical enough, but I'm convinced it doesn't always work out that way. More than once I have apparently used up my likes in the evening, only to learn about it the next morning. From that point I'm pretty sure it has, on more than one occasion, been more like 48 hours before I can like again. I'm starting to suspect there are demerits for trying to like something before you actually can.
  6. Arrgh...I'm out of likes. Obviously, the hackers still have some work to do. ðŸĪĢ
  7. Really? I have more confidence in the Young Birders over there. That is one sharp group, and a bunch of them are or were homeschooled!!!
  8. What we need at this difficult time is an enormous super secret underground bunker full of hackers who have traded their hoodies and ski masks for floppy birders hats, and who have committed their collective energies to once and for all resolving the glitches, crashes, hiccups, and general frustrations of the Whatbird Forum, not to mention the altogether inexcusable and arbitrary, if not punitive, limit on reactions! Phew!!! Would anyone like to diagram that sentence?
  9. I agree with Mourning Dove. Young Mourning Doves have a scaly look. When I saw this one my first thought was Common Ground Dove. It looked tiny to me as well. The second bird is a Common Ground Dove.
  10. Several from today--Little Blue Heron, Savannah Sparrow, and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.
  11. No, with each challenge, the photo must be new, taken after the challenge is issued.
  12. Might still be enough light in CA to snap off a few frames.
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