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  1. It took me a while to locate the bird 😆but I agree with Tennessee.
  2. I'm thinking maybe dowitcher for the first bird. Not completely sure on the second bird only because the bill looks a bit long for Least.
  3. Agreed--Orange-crowned Warbler. Nice shot!
  4. I would guess it's an escapee or a released pet. I'm not sure what kind. Maybe a Society Finch.
  5. We seem to have a lot of them here in Georgia. They are noisy birds...often heard from a distance with a piercing sheer, sheer, sheer. Blue Jays will mimic this call.
  6. ...or cameras! Okay so maybe this was during the practice rounds--Mon-Wed? I don't know about the bird. My first thought was Northern Mockingbird but I'm really not sure.
  7. The peeps look good for Least. I've noticed the same thing. In the field the legs are silhouetted and look dark. Then when I load my photos they look a little lighter. The hawk looks too dark below the belly band for borealis, but wait for more input.
  8. You are thinking Tufted Titmouse? That's what I would have said, too.
  9. Based on my perception of the bill length I would lean Least or maybe Western.
  10. Agreed--Yellow-rumped Warbler. The yellow rump does not always show, but here you can see it to the right of the branch that divides the body.
  11. American Kestrel is correct. And the blue wings make it a male.
  12. I think we're all agreed that this is a robin. Either that or someone's errant toupee. I'm still curious as to what will happen if this thread reaches 100 posts. Will there be a ding ding ding ding ding? Will the 100th poster win a Whatbird Forum t-shirt, or maybe a signed copy of John James Audubon's latest book--How To Eat Your Floppy Birders Hat With Aplomb? Or will the 100th post crash the whole forum? What are the odds?
  13. Definitely wait for someone who has experience with CA birds.
  14. It sounds a bit like a Cassin's Finch--song B1 if you have the iBird app. I don't know if this is at all likely at your location.
  15. Haha the red marker obliterated they actual eye. I think the eye is above the red circle, and the beak is a little lower to the right.
  16. I think red is the eye and purple is the left wing.
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