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  1. Today, Burke County, GA. It is a bit early for Bufflehead but this looks like it could be a female. Yay or nay?
  2. All are Magnolia Warblers except number two looks better for a Common Yellowthroat.
  3. From yesterday, Burke County GA. In the pond were Shovelers, Blue-winged Teal, and these two. I see green on the left bird and blue on the right bird. Zoomed and cropped as usual. Thanks
  4. That's some pretty heavy streaking for a Coop.
  5. Yellow-rumped Warbler. Nice shot!
  6. Today. Augusta, GA - Two shots that I think are the same bird. Maybe a Redstart? But there seems to be too much yellow on the belly, and the face seems off in the first photo. I Can't seem to find the whole head on the second photo. Thanks.
  7. Awesome bird. My sister went and saw it twice and she's not on eBird. Plus she took different passengers each time, most of whom are not on e-bird either, so hard to say for sure how many saw it. I couldn't believe how long it stayed. @blackburnian do you have any idea how far some people may have traveled to see it? I think I would have had about 5 hours which was farther than I was prepared to go, but some people will do 5 hours that at the drop of a floppy birder's hat.
  8. From the bar charts it looks like were about three weeks away from any Hermit records, not that birds spend much time reading bars charts.
  9. FWIW Here is one more, very similar, shot of the face and two from below where the lighting seems to make the bird less rusty looking. No worries if it can't be called with certainty. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Gray-cheeked would be expected right now. It would also be a lifer. Any other input? I never saw the upper tail.
  11. Thanks for the help and the humor! I was not expecting a Hermit just yet. It will be flagged as rare but we are probably getting close to Hermit season.
  12. Haha, I'm pretty sure your photos are good enough for a diagnosis. At least for someone who knows about Mergansers. I don't. I should move to St. Ignorance. I didn't even know there was such a place. But I noticed you spelled it wrong.
  13. Veery nice puns, ya'll. I can't decide Widgeon is the best.
  14. Today, Augusta, GA. Traill's? Other? Thanks
  15. it looked small, if that's worth anything, and I thought maybe Broad-winged by the way it flew, but I realize the photos aren't worth much.
  16. Today, Burke County, GA. Two similar shots, with a lightened version of each. Any giss on thiss?
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