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  1. Yesterday Augusta, GA. No, I didn't borrow these photos from @Charlie Spencer . I don't think he has any this bad. I first thought Yellow-throated. Now I am thinking something else, if you get my drift . Thanks.
  2. Those pages come from The Warbler Guide, which is also available as a book or app.
  3. With all the bumps, can we expect the bird to sound normal?
  4. I'm just wondering, are Red-eyed that yellow underneath? It's not a Philly is it?
  5. I like Yellow for the second bird. Could the first be a Nashville? I suppose the face is too yellow. But the eyeing seems a bit large for common yellow throat, and I'm trying to figure out the rufus on the head. Unless that has to do with reflected light from somewhere.
  6. For what it's worth, I'm not certain that the bird in the first photo is the same as the one in photos two and three.
  7. Today, Augusta, GA. Any ideas? Photos 2 and 3 may, or may not be the same bird. Thanks.
  8. I can't help with the species but I love the shots. They have a cool paint-by-number look to them.
  9. I agree with Least. Semipalmated are more gray with black legs and a less droopy bill. They tend to stand out in a group of Leasts.
  10. I agree with Indigo Bunting. The bill is not quite "gros" enough for a grosbeak.
  11. @akandula, just to follow up--should this notation in the iBird app be reported?
  12. I'm thinking White-eyed Vireo for the first clip. I don't recognize the second.
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