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  1. Maybe a Summer Tanager. Here is a link to the "clicking" sound you may have heard: https://www.xeno-canto.org/471145
  2. I'm not sure what this is. Most likely an expected species with a bill deformity, unless it's a young, very lost Spoon-billed Sandpiper
  3. I agree with thrush. And with the gray/brown colors and spectacle it looks better for Swainson's.
  4. Hmm... This may be a mistake in iBird: Under White-rumped Sandpiper it says, "Baird's Sandpiper wings do not extend beyond tail." Under Baird's Sandpiper it says, "Long wings extend past tail."
  5. The iBird app says, "Baird's Sandpiper wings do not extend beyond tail." But I have no personal experience with Baird's.
  6. I'm not familiar with Baird's, but I don't believe their wings extend past the tail. Also diagnostic for White-rumped is an orange base on the lower mandible. That's not always easy to see, especially on a backlit bird.
  7. Today Burke County, GA...just in case anyone wants to speculate. Blurry, cropped and poorly lit. Thanks!
  8. I sort of thought there had to be some more mudpiper photos lurking somewhere. I'll second the Pectoral and leave the easy ones for someone else.
  9. I have family in Caswell County that might want to try for it, if chasing is feasible.
  10. Ah, but doesn't the Carolina Bird Club cover North and South?
  11. Agreed. Nice shot BTW. Also do you know if it's possible to chase the Black-throated Gray Warbler near Charlotte?
  12. Nice on the tricolored! And I can guess what you're out of: 1. Likes 2. Cream of wheat 3. Lousy Sandpiper photos
  13. Thanks, CS. And thanks for being understanding about my being out of likes. You do understand that don't you?
  14. Today Augusta, GA. It looks like a Pine, but the undertail coverts should be white I think. Staining maybe?
  15. Which would of course be a lifer and this is my only photo!
  16. Today, Augusta, GA. Any ideas on this fairy tailed bird? Cropped and lightened.
  17. Today, Burke County GA. I called it a Cooper's in the field. I think it was trying for a Cowbird. It missed. Now looking at the photos, the "collar" gives it sort of a Harrier look. Can't be though, can it?
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