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  1. But of course...then maybe a Nashville? Any other horrendous photos?
  2. Wild guess but maybe Canada. I'm really not sure how likely that would be or if it even possible to tell.
  3. I think, too, it looks okay for normal feather loss. The bluish feathers remind me of the inner feathers you typically see at the edge of a brood patch even on birds such as this Yellow Warbler, which I cut and paste from a web search:
  4. Hmm...I have no personal experience. But here is a similar looking bird from flikr (not my photo):
  5. I was jazzed about helping but I had overlooked a conflict with a family Christmas get-together. I'm disappointed but family is more important.
  6. Agreed...very drab. You can see just a hint of yellow at the armpit.
  7. The first bird is a Yellow-rumped Warbler. The second bird is a Palm Warbler.
  8. Thanks. It is a county first, which is kind of cool. And the time of year is ridiculous.
  9. I agree with Greater--upturned bill as well as bill length.
  10. Haha, not overly sure. Any other photos of this bird?
  11. The first bird is a European Starling. Probably Ruby-throated for the hummer but I can't say for sure.
  12. Bummer! You really need an underwater camera for Greater Scaup! The only time they surface is by accident, and then only if no birders are present . Your best bet for seeing one is to lose the floppy birders hat. Then dress up like Jack Nicklaus, Serena Williams, or Waldo. If all else fails, try spandex.
  13. I agree with Winter...one more shot of the crown. Definitely not a Sedge.
  14. Thanks. I was hoping for a Sedge. I thought the tail looked a bit long for Winter.
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