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  1. Here's one that was probably on the old forum--Great Egret.
  2. I shot this bird several days ago. It looks like it hatched three minutes ago but the eye should be dark on a young bird. Is it molting?
  3. It should be the same as yours. On second thought I've never made it before so it'll probably be a flop.
  4. I'll try it from my Android... https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/baking-in-the-wild-how-to-make-bannock-bread/ Yep, worked!
  5. I haven't tried on my PC but on my phone there is no way to turn off the edit notification.
  6. Welcome back. 1. Not sure 2. Brown-headed Cowbird 3. Yes, Prairie
  7. I definitely do not want a limit on editing a post. I am bad about typos and I like to fix them when possible. I once misspelled The Bird Nuts name! Thankfully I was able to fix it. Also I am not all that jazzed about the post automatically showing an edit. In most cases it doesn't do anything for me to know that a post has been edited. In the past, the site admin could tell what had transpired in a post and that seems good enough.
  8. I would say female Surf Scoter for the first, and Greater Scaup on the second bird. The nail appears to be spread out just a little and the head profile looks like Greater to me.
  9. Hmm...male Bobolink at just the right angle?
  10. Ah, yes, I see the problem...you have a Spotted Sandpiper.
  11. Yes, Red-winged Blackbird. I'm sure if female or young male.
  12. Speaking of popular pages, Let the fun begin had its moments. Where is Short-eared Owl by the way? Have we lost him for good?
  13. I agree with Sandwich on the first bird. Even at this angle there is too much bill length for Gull-billed, and I think I see yellow.
  14. Okay, so I tried to "like" this excellent contribution and I just get the following notice...
  15. Looks like juvenile Mountain, but wait for a second.
  16. There is a lot of geographic variation: https://www.thespruce.com/pictures-of-juncos-4121961
  17. Today, Augusta GA. The photo was seriously underexposed so here it is with a metric ton of fill light. Looks like a young something and kind of Finchy. Thanks.
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