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  1. Bird was seen Friday at Forsythe NWR in Galloway Township, NJ
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/jrGXq5twQURqHkKa6 so much sparrow activity yesterday at Forsythe Refuge (Brigantine) in Galloway Township, NJ in the rain. I've throughly confused myself. Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about some of the picture quality it was really raining at times. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks an added opinion always helps. I"m looking at my photos more closely and I see now the mistakes I made. This is how I learn. Much appreciated.
  4. My husband thought it could be a Pectoral. I'm just glad I realized it was different. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yesterday at Forsythe Nat'l Wildlife Refuge watching Semipalmated sandpipers and short billed dowitchers spotted this bird. There were a few mixed in. My sandpiper identification skills are not great. I thought it could be white rumped sandpiper. The size was somewhere between the semipalmated and the dowitchers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks, to both of you. In checking ebird, someone else reported seeing 2 yesterday.
  7. IMG_3568 by louisekopena, on Flickr IMG_3574 by louisekopena, on Flickr Went to the Brigantine unit at Forsythe NWR in Galloway, NJ yesterday before the nor'easter hit. Lots of little birds. Have been looking at these photos and my guides for awhile now. Have thoroughly confused myself. Song, Savannah or something else? Thanks for any help.
  8. I know blue jays are a common bird but I'm excited. They used to be in my neighborhood but not for years. This week we have spotted several. I need to hear and identify the sounds with the song/call to remember it. Now I can add them to my sound library to study. Thanks
  9. Heard this bird Monday, at Bombay Hook in Delaware. Waited to spot it but finally gave up. I recorded with my phone in hopes that someone can help with ID. Hoping the audio file has uploaded correctly.This is my first time trying this. You may have to turn your volume way up. Thanks for any help you can give. birdsong Bombay Hook.mp3
  10. Thanks for your help. We did see many least sandpipers that day actually in the road along the grasses. That one by itself just seemed different.
  11. Thanks. Still struggle with determining size especially when it's a single bird which is why I didn't consider the least.
  12. IMG_1772 by louisekopena, on Flickr IMG_1771 by louisekopena, on Flickr Saw this bird off the wildlife drive at Forsythe NWR in Galloway township, NJ on September 15th. There were semipalmated sandpipers and a semipalmated plover. This bird seemed considerably larger. We are wondering if it is a pectoral sandpiper which had also been reported by people much more knowledgeable than us. Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for your confirmation. I also just saw that someone listed on e-bird that they saw a single red knot at Forsythe.
  14. IMG_2808 (2) by louisekopena, on Flickr IMG_2806 by louisekopena, on Flickr IMG_1551 by louisekopena, on Flickr Seen yesterday at Forsythe Nat'l Wildlife refuge. Sorry the pictures are bad it was really beyond the capability of our cameras, especially with the heat. We watched for some time. The bird just stood there occasionally preening. Thanks in advance for any help.
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