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  1. Bird #1: Central Colorado in May | My best guess is a Northern Mockingbird although it doesn't have an markings on the wings. Bird #2: Central Oregon in June | Don't know where to begin with this one. Is it a juvenile of some sort? Thanks for the help! https://imgur.com/a/oiJnTX1
  2. Spotted in Central Oregon last week. It seems like the head of a phoebe with the body of an oriole. Say's Phoebe is my best guess. Thanks for the help! https://imgur.com/a/KshcvVy
  3. Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated! Once listening to the Swainson's song, that was definitely correct for #2.
  4. Sorry, pictures were flipped around. #2 and #3 were the same.
  5. Not sure where to begin with this one. Olive green with short tail. Saw it in the Cascades of Oregon next to a lake last week. https://imgur.com/a/82sjJav
  6. I'm having trouble telling the difference between a few birds that I recently saw. Any advice in ID'ing them would be greatly appreciated! https://imgur.com/a/v8KKHCH
  7. Would anyone be able to help me ID these four birds? I have location, month, and my best guess in the caption of each photo. Thanks for the help! https://imgur.com/a/bxQKMyF
  8. Thanks for all of the hard work! I really enjoy the forum!
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