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  1. Need help with IDing this gull. Thank you it was seen today Mar 8, 2021 in Payette County, Idaho
  2. Here is a zoomed in picture but the lighting wasn't great for the darkness of the bird. Thank You for your help.
  3. We found this bird on Saturday in Owyhee County Idaho, The picture doesn't do it justice it was really dark brown with black wing tips. I was thinking Jaeger but I am hoping for some help. Thank You
  4. Need help with this Bird a friend saw it over in Burns, OR on May 23, 2020 Thank you for your help,
  5. Thanks for the help tonight we have a Shorebird that we think is a Western Sandpiper seen 5-22-20 at Oak Lake in Lincoln Nebraska. Both shorebirds would be great.
  6. We found this sparrow on Old Cheney Rd outside Lincoln Nebraska on 5-22-20 Friday Morning. We think it might be a Henslow's Sparrow. Thank you for your help
  7. We found these Dowitchers today 5-2-20 in Idaho. One looks like a possible Short billed or is it a female Long billed? Thank You for your help.
  8. Thank You that is what I was thinking but wanted to make sure.
  9. Found this shorebird this morning 4-28-20 in Payette County Idaho. Hopefully not a Lesser Yellowlegs. Thank you for your help
  10. Found this shorebird on 4-5-2020 in Canyon County Idaho. It was with some other Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs. The coloring on the stomach and chest didn't look right for either of those yellowlegs. I was told it was probably a Lesser yellowlegs but wanted to double check with all you experts out there. Thank You for your help. The leg coloring i believe was yellow it is showing orange from the lighting,. I think anyway. Thank you
  11. Found this Hawk in Payette County, ID on 3/19/20 Was thinking possibly Swainson's but the breast colors maybe a Dark Morph Red Tail. I was really thinking Red Shouldered but not completely confident on that call. Thank you
  12. We found this shorebird today at Ted Trueblood WMA this morning. We think it is a Dunlin. These are the best I could do with the scope. Thank you for your help,
  13. Seen Jan 9, 2020 Payette Idaho. At first I thought it was a Sharp Shinned but second guessing myself. Thank You
  14. Found a group of these down at Tule Lake California I think it might be a Lesser Yellowlegs. Thank you for your help.
  15. Found This Warbler at a park in Klamath Falls Oct 7, 2019, looks like a possible Yellow Rumped (Myrtle) Warbler. Thank You for you help.
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