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  1. Found this Hawk in Payette County, ID on 3/19/20 Was thinking possibly Swainson's but the breast colors maybe a Dark Morph Red Tail. I was really thinking Red Shouldered but not completely confident on that call. Thank you
  2. We found this shorebird today at Ted Trueblood WMA this morning. We think it is a Dunlin. These are the best I could do with the scope. Thank you for your help,
  3. Seen Jan 9, 2020 Payette Idaho. At first I thought it was a Sharp Shinned but second guessing myself. Thank You
  4. Found a group of these down at Tule Lake California I think it might be a Lesser Yellowlegs. Thank you for your help.
  5. Found This Warbler at a park in Klamath Falls Oct 7, 2019, looks like a possible Yellow Rumped (Myrtle) Warbler. Thank You for you help.
  6. Found This Warbler at a park in Klamath Falls Oct 7, 2019, looks like a possible Yellow Rumped (Myrtle) Warbler. Thank You for you help.
  7. Found this hawk last month on the 10th of Oct at Tule lake California. I see a little red tint to the tip of the tail but the breast doesn't completely look right for a red tail. Could be a little Juv. though. Thank you for your help.
  8. We had a heron today in baker county Oregon by Phillips reservoir. We r having a difficult time between American bittern which I think is to big for this bird and a green heron first year or black crown night heron first year. Please help and thank you.
  9. Thank you for your help. We found this bird today in Owyhee County Idaho. These are the only pictures we have of this bird. We saw it and backed up took these pics and it flew.
  10. Thank You for you help I have it labeled as a Lesser Yellowlegs but if you look at the bird and the legs it doesn't look right for a Lesser Yellowlegs. Thank you
  11. Thank You for your help. Both Pictures were taken on Aug 12, 2015 This picture was taken below Detroit Dam on Big Cliff. I am thinking maybe female Harlequin's or Female Surf Scoters. This picture was taken across the dam on the road by Detroit Lake.
  12. This is a Hawk a friend found in Florida on Feb 22, 2019. I think it looks like a Ferruginous Hawk but it looks like they are not suppose to be over there. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Maybe a young Red Shouldered? Thank you
  13. Thank You we have already had a report of a Swainson's Hawk in Elmore county, Idaho. Not sure how reliable that sighting is how. But I thought also a immature Red Tail dark morph.
  14. I found this Hawk and Sparrow in Payette County, Idaho on Sunday Jan 6th 2019. I also found 8 Greater Yellowlegs. Thank You for you help. The hawk I think might be a Rough Legged Hawk, I saw t fly and land and there was no red tail and the beak looks more Rough Legged to me but I would love input. The Sparrow I think might be a Savannah Sparrow. there were 4 or 5 in the reeds but a drainige ditch in between 2 fields. Thank You for you input and help.
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