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  1. Found this shorebird on 4-5-2020 in Canyon County Idaho. It was with some other Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs. The coloring on the stomach and chest didn't look right for either of those yellowlegs. I was told it was probably a Lesser yellowlegs but wanted to double check with all you experts out there. Thank You for your help. The leg coloring i believe was yellow it is showing orange from the lighting,. I think anyway.

    Thank you 



  2. I found this Hawk and Sparrow in Payette County, Idaho on Sunday Jan 6th 2019. I also found 8 Greater Yellowlegs. Thank You for you help.

    The hawk I think might be a Rough Legged Hawk, I saw t fly and land and there was no red tail and the beak looks more Rough Legged to me but I would love input.

    The Sparrow I think might be a Savannah Sparrow. there were 4 or 5 in the reeds but a drainige ditch in between 2 fields. Thank You for you input and help.


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