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  1. A little puzzled by this bird this morning. Orange County, North Carolina, Nov. 12.
  2. Fort Fisher, North Carolina, Nov. 20. Although flagged as rare here by eBird, a few Dickcissels have been regular in the area this fall. The pink bill and near total absence of any yellow tones give me pause.
  3. Just arrived in the Czech Republic, and the first bird I saw besides Stock Doves and Magpies was this warbler along the bank of the Vlatava River. No vocalization. Any chance of an ID?
  4. Small flycatcher in central North Carolina, July 17.
  5. Thoughts on this coastal sparrow? Fort Fisher, North Carolina, Nov. 14.
  6. Any chance on this deeply shaded, backlit flycatcher? Central North Carolina, Sept. 11.
  7. Any help with this Empid? Central North Carolina, Sept. 3. It didn't utter a sound.
  8. Thanks. Yes, the bill looks intermediate to me, but I was thinking that pure white breast couldn't be right for Dunlin.
  9. Any help on this peep? Coastal North Carolina, August 28.
  10. Fort Fisher on the coast of North Carolina. Northern Waterthrush would be the expected bird here, but Louisiana is not unheard-of, and one was reported on the same trail a week ago.
  11. A little rusty on fall warblers. This is a Cape May Warbler, I think, from central North Carolina, August 25. Yes?
  12. Pics are all one bird. I suspect this is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. (It's always an Eastern Wood-Pewee). I still have trouble telling a "long" primary extension from a middling one, and the angle can make a big difference. Central North Carolina, August 23.
  13. A few bluebirds, one pretty ratty-looking, from Sandoval County in northern New Mexico. First two shots (the ragged one) are the same bird. The other two are, I think, the same immature individual. Apparently Eastern, Western, and Mountain are all possible in this area. Thanks.
  14. 1-3 are different individuals, 4-5 are two looks at the same bird. All seen July 31 in Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico. No vocalizations. If any of them are identifiable, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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