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  1. Immature gulls, oy. Herring or Lesser Black-backed? North Carolina coast, June 21.
  2. Puzzled by this small tern with rounded black cap, black bill, short red legs, no carpal markings. Smaller than nearby Sandwich Terns, Coastal North Carolina, May 12.
  3. Fall warblers, all from this morning in central North Carolina.
  4. Buffy sides and flanks. Bay-breasted Warbler? Central North Carolina, Sept. 15.
  5. Any help with this little warbler from central North Carolina today, Sept. 15? Thanks.
  6. All Pine Warblers, right? Central North Carolina, Sept. 13.
  7. Fort Fisher, NC, Sept. 8. Western in front, Semipalmated in the back?
  8. Wish I had better pics. But I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble even identifying what KIND of bird it is. Flycatcher, warbler, vireo ... and FWIW, Merlin came up with Western Bluebird.
  9. This was the only shot I got before it took off.
  10. Any help with this drab little mystery bird from Richardson Flat, Summit County, Utah, August 23.
  11. Herring Gull or Yellow-Legged Gull? (Or something else altogether?) On an inland pond in Bois de Bolougne, Paris, France, Nov. 2. Thanks.
  12. This gull was in the Tuileries in Paris, France, Oct. 29. Larger and differently plumaged than nearby Black-headed Gulls. European Herring Gull?
  13. Can I narrow this down to something other than empid sp.? Acadian would be the usual suspect here, but I'm wondering whether it might be something more interesting. No vocalization. Durham County, North Carolina, Sept. 1.
  14. Hoping for ID help with these two flycatchers in Central Park, NY, August 27. Three views of one of them, a single shot of the other.
  15. Looking for help with this warbler from Central Park, New York, today, August 27. Dark wings with two distinct white wing bars, light eyebrow, flank streaking, white under tail. Cape May? Blackpoll? Thanks.
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