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  1. Hahaha. 😀 Congrats on a great shot of a totally awesome bird! Truth be told, I've never seen one, so can only comment based on what I've read. I'm just one of those easterners that sees a lot of Bald Eagles and always hopes to stumble on a Golden and be ready to know it. There are many articles online that discuss the differences between baldies and goldies, as well as aging the birds; I love to read and study them. Your bird definitely looks legit to me!
  2. Clyp.it is a good site to upload your audio files. You can even record them directly to the site if they can't be downloaded to a computer. You can then copy the specific link to your upload and paste it here in a message, so members here can listen to it and hopefully id it. https://clyp.it/
  3. I hope someone with more expertise can chime in, but I'm a sucker for trying to age eagles. I would guess this would be near-adult. There's not much white to be seen at the tail base area. The immatures will usually show more white in that area. Immatures will usually also show prominent white patches in the wings at the base of the primaries. You could argue that this bird still has a touch of white in that area, so for that reason it could more likely be subadult or even older immature as opposed to fully mature adult. I believe all stages show the golden nape, but I could be wrong.
  4. Baby-Blue-Eyes! Definitely looks like a juvenile/recently fledged.
  5. Thank you all so much for your input!! I wish the photo had been sharper. But even with the poor clarity, I did feel there should still be some evidence of the dark patagials if indeed this was a Red-tailed. Also, it was flying alone, higher altitude, and towards open air, unlike the Red-taileds in the area which were all lollygagging around together in and out of the trees. Here were the two other pictures, even though they go from bad to worse, but they might give some additional support:
  6. Hello all. Not the best picture, but could this be a young Red-shouldered? There were a lot of Red-taileds flying around too, and didn't get the greatest look at this one, so unsure. Heavily cropped photo. Downstate NY today.
  7. Thanks, HamRHead. The 'drink your tea' is really clearcut on the second one, isn't it!
  8. I'm thinking number two could be an Eastern Towhee? or something very similar..
  9. Can anyone ID these two calls/songs or have possible suggestions? Both birds were high up in the trees in a suburban, woodsy setting. Downstate NY last weekend. https://clyp.it/imjakl3q https://clyp.it/333alkyp
  10. Hi all; saw this today Long Island. Would this be an immature and/or female Yellow Warbler? Thank you.
  11. The bird featured prominently in the first photo looks like a Golden; I would say near-adult or older immature. The rufous undertail coverts would be the clincher here for me. Young baldies also have their whitish mottling more concentrated at the wingpit area. The perched bird is the same bird, or different? It does show a really massive beak that looks almost a little weird. The eye color should be darker for a baldie that young and it looks like a yellowish cere, dark tail, tawny wingbars... I would still say Golden for this photo too.
  12. I agree with Sean C, there's a subtle crest there, and I expect Greater Scaup to have a more blocky-shaped head. Just a more delicate look to this one. But I also agree with RobinHood and Egosnell2002, one photo tells only one side of the story in terms of head shape. This duck appears to be holding its neck a bit extended and therefore in an unnatural position; maybe it's alarmed about something. Also, the strands in the bill - it appears to be foraging and that changes things too: https://cowyebird.blogspot.com/2018/02/greater-scaup-ebird-problem-child.html
  13. Thanks TBN.... Yellow-throated Vireo, yes, that would make sense! The pale eyerings... Thanks so much.
  14. Hello; can these first two birds be confirmed as immature Bald Eagles? They were so far away. Also, third shot: I thought it looked like a vireo in the field; thought I remembered white eyerings.. but now looking at the picture doesn't seem so. Yellowthroat? Downstate NY, this week. Thanks for looking.
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