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  1. Bee_ keeper

    Fall Migration 2018

    Must be nice to have resident bluebirds! Not a chance for that here.
  2. Bee_ keeper

    Crow or Common Raven?

    I would have said Raven, not just based on the photo but your description of its behavior as well. The young one looks like a really hefty-sized bird. (Perhaps I need to rethink my recent listing of the Common Raven )
  3. Bee_ keeper

    Brazil (Atlantic Forest and Pantanal) August 2018

    Really enjoyed reading your trip report; thank you for posting!
  4. Bee_ keeper

    Fall Migration 2018

    This has been one of the better fall migrations, in my LI backyard at least. Lots of birds this year that normally don't show up, like Chipping Sparrows, Ruby and Golden-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-rumped Warbler, American Redstart, and Common Yellowthroat. Major highlights have been: 1. Brown Thrasher 2. Flock of Cedar Waxwings 3. And biggest thrill of all - this adorable little group of Purple Finches has been hanging around for the past week. Seeing (and observing) them for the first time ever, I can see just how distinctive they are from House Finches. They are beautiful birds! When I think of how much time I've spent scanning drab flocks of House Finches hoping for a Purple, not realizing what to even be looking for... 1 2 3
  5. Bee_ keeper

    How do you prepare for a birding trip?

    That's so true! They like to keep moving - and chatting. Then they go on ahead laughing about how you're standing there listening to and looking at 'nothing' while they send every bird within 100 foot radius scattering. LOL it's frustrating. Hope you enjoyed the trip and got some good looks; Maine is beautiful. Acadia NP is great.
  6. Bee_ keeper

    Tern and Finch ID

    Thank you, HRH! :))))
  7. Bee_ keeper

    Tern and Finch ID

    WOOHOOO!!!! **overdue lifer alert** Thank you, TBN!😍
  8. 1. Total tern noob 2. These finches..... could they possibly... finally... be... long island
  9. Bee_ keeper

    What spotted bird is this?

    And yes, it's in its fresh fall/winter (non-breeding) plumage, which gives it that speckled look. Breeding European Starlings (spring/early summer) will have more of a solid black sheen to their plumage.
  10. Bee_ keeper

    Boat-tailed Grackle id

    Thanks to you both. Long overdue lifer.
  11. Seems like all the gracks around here are bruisers, so would really like to confirm these are all Boat-taileds... They may or may not be the same bird(s) in each pic Along south shore Long Island this weekend. Thank you.
  12. Bee_ keeper

    How do you prepare for a birding trip?

    Also wanted to add... if my destination is somewhere general, like 'Cape May' or 'Orlando' or 'The White Mountains of NH', and I am trying to shoehorn birding into the trip, I always check out the official (and unofficial) travel websites for the locations. They often mention birding and wildlife viewing options in the things to do section that are more 'touristy'. This way everyone enjoys it and my travel companions are more easily convinced that it won't end up being a slogfest through the mud😄.
  13. Bee_ keeper

    Help to ID duck

    Since I saw my first Long-tailed last year, I've grown very fond of these very striking sea ducks. I have seen them contentedly bobbing up and down like corks in the roughest of winter surf along the south shore of Long Island - definitely not my grandma's mallards😄
  14. Bee_ keeper


    I don't know what it will take for me to 'get' a Belted Kingfisher. I'm only surrounded by water on all sides here; just can't get it. Twice I've gotten flashing glimpses of stocky blue and white along waterways, and knew it was the kingfisher, but both times was too slow to get a satisfying look. Not going to list it until I see the whites of its eyes 😄 Also owls. The only legit field sightings I've had have been the Snowy, (and a totally fluky sighting of a Barn owl), and that was a specific 'mission' to see them.
  15. Bee_ keeper

    How do you prepare for a birding trip?

    If I’m going to a specific place, like a NWR or state park, I like to check the website before I go. Especially if I have never been there before. To get the lay of the land, so to speak, like trail options and seasonal info for example. Sometimes there are online trail maps and they can describe exactly what to expect, like a boardwalk marsh trail or dirt paths or whether pets are allowed, etc etc. I also like to check the local Audubon websites for the location I'm headed. They often list their field trips, and they are usually to the hottest of hotspots. They also usually give succinct directions and even specifically where within the location is the ideal place to park and bird. Have a wonderful time!