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  1. I'm new here and here is my 2 cents worth. I like using the likes button to show I enjoyed the pic/post or a reply. I'm sure most of us do. The reputation thing seems like a competition of who can get the most likes. Could be a little intimidating to new birders and members. No, it does not bother me personally. It also sounds like a description of a person's character which I know that's not what it is here. Who came up with that idea/title? The likes thing is good. Shows someone saw my post and lets others know I saw theirs. The reputation thing needs to be changed or gotten rid of though don't think that's possible. Perhaps a new name for it? Maybe something to do with a level like I have seen on other sites. 30 is a lot of likes unless you are on FB. Ha! I think the time should reset earlier than 24 hours. There's a lot of awesome birders here that help so many people. Ok, that's my thoughts. I'll stop before I get my wind back. Ha!
  2. There have been a few comfirmed sightings of them in the delta area (western) part of our state. Probably accidental migratory birds. What an awesome find that would be! One year I saw a Rufus Hummingbird at my grandmother's feeders. Very rare sighting. That was in September during migration of the Rubys. It hung around a couple of days and was gone. Thank you for looking at my post.
  3. Thank you. A type of Sandpiper went through my mind also. They are probably more common than I realize. I haven't been to this area in a few years but prior to that I used to come here frequently and never saw them. Always a lot of Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and Woodducks. Oh, and Killdeer. Beavers lived here and this was such a beautiful place for birding and watching wildlife. Unfortunately the beavers are gone and it is drying up and being overrun by some type of weeds. The American Lotus flowers and waterlilies are being affected also. So sad. Come back beavers.
  4. Saw this little wading bird in NE Mississippi in a wetland type area. There were 2. The bird behind it is a Killdeer for size comparison. The second photo shows the other one preening. Gives a little better view of the breast. Wish I had a closer photo of them but did not have a better camera with me at the time. I have never noticed these birds here before. The Killdeers are common though. I didn't have much time so couldn't stay to perhaps get a view of it's back. Only bird I could find that was close to these is a Mountain Plover but I am really unsure of this or if it's even a plover. Any help identifying it is greatly appreciated.
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