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  1. This little one was bobbing up and down a lot, did not stand still at all. Kept running away from me. Merlin app suggested Willet, but said that would be rare. Note the eyeliner. I'm clueless.
  2. Northern Mockingbird pretends to be a branch.
  3. Spotted on July 6th, mid-day, in Southern New Mexico, USA.
  4. I have affectionately named this Vermilion Flycatcher Cornelius. I see him every time I walk on a certain path about an hour from where I live and it's worth the drive every time.
  5. Merlin photo ID said Northern Harrier. I've never seen one before so IDK. Seen at Bosque Del Apache in Central New Mexico. Help?
  6. This woodpecker made for a very interesting tree topper. Not the usual Christmas style, but I like it.
  7. Ok so not the "best" photo but I'm so excited!! This was a lifer for me! Brown Creeper
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