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  1. Very shaky handheld zoom video but the little itty bitty hummingbird tongue flicks!!! And at :35 you will be generously rewarded with an adorable butt wiggle. So cute!
  2. I don't claim to be a reptile expert, but I looked it up, and after some research, I believe this fella was a Twin-Spotted Spiny Lizard and it should be noted that it was doing its morning push-ups.
  3. Common Merganser followed by Common Black Hawk
  4. He's just SO handsome. And he has the cutest family. I enjoy visiting them in the mornings.
  5. Thought this lil' spiny lizard was pretty cool.
  6. This girl says "Male red-wings get all the attention. I'm beautiful too!!!" This particular lady was originally on a reed further away, noticed I was taking photos, and literally flew up to this post much closer to me and posed. I told her thank you.
  7. I took these photos of an unfamiliar flycatcher at Alto Lake which is at about 7,500ft elevation, in the southern half of NM, just north of Ruidoso. What's odd is in the first picture, if you zoom in, you will see a white eye ring, but in the second picture, it doesn't seem to have one. Anyway, any help is appreciated.
  8. Got this Male Quail calling on camera! Score!
  9. Just doin' Red-tail stuff....
  10. Kingbird sitting pretty one minute before starting a fight with another male.
  11. Greater Yellowlegs and some soft, subtle colors
  12. Cormorants have really stunning blue eyes!
  13. A Common Black Hawk~! Definitely a very cool bird to see soaring overhead.
  14. You can practically hear this photo! I love it!
  15. I took this photo almost a month ago, but my life has been incredibly hectic and I'm just now going through the photos I took that day. I simply love the subtle colors surrounding this Black Phoebe.
  16. A failed Take-off picture of a Black-crowned Night Heron.
  17. The sun was incredibly bright and shining directly into my eyeballs, but I could tell there was a bird shape in the tree ahead of me. I zoomed in. I couldn't even tell from the preview shot on my camera because it was pretty shaded where this guy was at. So it wasn't until I uploaded and did some slight editing to this shot on my computer that I was able to tell- an Eastern Bluebird in Southern NM. Yay! He literally flew off right after this one picture and I haven't seen him since.
  18. The photo itself isn't funny, but the story behind it is. And I swear this is 100% true. I was taking photos of this Snowy Egret and two teenage to maybe 20-year-old girls walked by and the one exclaimed "It's a FLAMINGO" and her friend said "Nah, that can't be a flamingo. Can it?" And I'm just over here like "Lord give me the strength not to start my 'bird educator' mode." I realize we all have to start somewhere, but a Flamingo? Oh boy.
  19. Cool in-flight action shot. Now if only it was in focus and the heron was a little more centered.
  20. I love this picture so much. The duck was hissing at the snowy egret for getting too close to his ducky lady friend.
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