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  1. Very shaky handheld zoom video but the little itty bitty hummingbird tongue flicks!!! And at :35 you will be generously rewarded with an adorable butt wiggle. So cute! 


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  2. Eastern Bluebird Male

    The sun was incredibly bright and shining directly into my eyeballs, but I could tell there was a bird shape in the tree ahead of me. I zoomed in. I couldn't even tell from the preview shot on my camera because it was pretty shaded where this guy was at. So it wasn't until I uploaded and did some slight editing to this shot on my computer that I was able to tell- an Eastern Bluebird in Southern NM. Yay! He literally flew off right after this one picture and I haven't seen him since.

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  3. Snowy Egret One Leg

    The photo itself isn't funny, but the story behind it is. And I swear this is 100% true.

    I was taking photos of this Snowy Egret and two teenage to maybe 20-year-old girls walked by and the one exclaimed "It's a FLAMINGO" and her friend said "Nah, that can't be a flamingo. Can it?" 

    And I'm just over here like "Lord give me the strength not to start my 'bird educator' mode."

    I realize we all have to start somewhere, but a Flamingo? Oh boy.

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