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  1. I recently learned there are MORE cardinal species than the two I've personally seen. I've photographed both the Northern Cardinal and the Pyrrhuloxia, or Desert Cardinal. If anyone has seen any of the others, please share! I'm particularly interested in the vermilion cardinal. What an absolute rockstar-looking bird! Reminds me of a red version of a phainopepla, which despite being in my range, I've never seen either!

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  2. I saw a mama and baby Oryx. They are part of a herd of 20+ which is really impressive and cool to see. People around here in New Mexico are in constant debate about these creatures because they aren't native but I admit I get giddy every time I see them. This picture isn't the greatest quality because they were pretty far out, behind two wire fences. But oh well. Still pretty cool.

    Oryx Baby


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  3. I found this couple the other day, but I never expected to get this on video...! Amazing! Love is in the air and their nest looks great, although I'm pretty concerned about the nest's location. It's literally right in the tree on top of a playground at a busy park right next to a school. 

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  4. 12 hours ago, Jerry Friedman said:

    Neotropic Cormorants are regular in the Rio Grande Valley north to the Albuquerque area, where there have been a couple of eBird sightings already this month, so there's nothing unlikely about the possibility.  Unfortunately I can't tell from these pictures.  Good luck tomorrow!

    Ah. Thanks for the info. I am literally so mad I didn't bring my actual camera. So many interesting birds yesterday. It is snowing hard here where I am (1.5 hrs driving time from this pond) and I guess it's raining in the town where this pond is. We'll just have to hope they are out today!! Could be a rare photo if there's any snow on the ground where the cormorants are.

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  5. Unknown Cormorant Buddies Unknown Cormorant Buddies

    So Merlin App told me these are Neotropic Cormorants, but this picture was taken today in southern NM, USA. This man-made fishing pond is near the Rio Grande river. It would be possible, I suppose, but unlikely for sure. I know they are phone pictures. I encountered every birder's nightmare and found cool birds when I wasn't planning to (I've never ever seen cormorants at this pond) and only had my phone. I plan to take my trusty Nikon with me tomorrow to see if they are still there, and of course I will have better images then. Fingers crossed!!!! Also found at the pond today, a Snowy Egret and a Cooper's Hawk. It was a great day for birding, and of course it's the day I didn't bring my good camera. Why is life so cruel?

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