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  1. High soaring hawk in Central Ohio - possible to id?
  2. Thank you - I had never seen a wild albino bird before
  3. Sooooo.... are we going with Albino?
  4. 1 Willow Flycatcher 2 Baltimore Oriole 3 No Clue 4 Oriole? Tanager? 5 Willow Flycatcher 6 Oriole - maybe Orchard 7 Willow Flycatcher
  5. "Seabirding" out of Hatteras NC - I can not recommend it enough. Found out that I get a bit sea sick, but still loved the trip. It was a great trip for a first time pelagic birder. The Captain and the spotters announced the birds as they saw them and were very patient with any questions. I would certainly go again.
  6. 1 2 Jaeger? 3 ? 4 Tern 5 ?? 6 ??? 7 Island full of terns on the way back in
  7. Took my first ever pelagic trip today. I have no experience with these birds and would appreciate some help. 1 A tern on the way out 2 More terns 3 Gannet 4 Another tern 5 Storm Petrel 6 ? 7 ??
  8. Thanks - I will try to add some guesses in the future. I usually have some idea, but want other opinions. I will admit that I was rather lost on the terns (we don't get many in Eastern Ohio).
  9. I wish I had better pictures, but it did not hang around long
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