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  1. They were a long way off - even with the long lens that is about as good as I could get. If I crop much more it gets rather blurry.
  2. Taken today at Yellowstone NP - I would assume Trumpeter Swans and I think I see some American Wigeons in there - any idea what else is mixed in?
  3. Taken Today In Yellowstone NP 1 Wilson's Warbler? 2 Possible Lifer - Townsend's Solitaire 3 No Idea
  4. Not sure on this sparrow - Taken today in Yellowstone NP
  5. Taken today in Yellowstone NP 1 Redhead? 2 Goldeye and Scaups? 3 White Crowned Sparrow? 4 No Clue At All
  6. Taken in the Badlands today - I had the wrong lens on so only one bad photo.
  7. Not sure if ID is possible - Taken at Neal Smith NWR in Central Iowa today
  8. Wow I wish I took better pictures. Is it usual for different swallow species to group together? Any advice on how to id the different types? Thanks
  9. Taken In NE Ohio Today 1 Solitary? 2 Pectoral? 3 No Clue What I Have Collected Here 4 Again - No Clue 5 Spotted? Thank You
  10. Taken in NW Ohio Mallard or Black Duck?
  11. Taken in North Central Ohio today
  12. It's a weird angle and I did not get a good look. Any thoughts?
  13. Taken at Dawes Arboretum in Ohio - is there enough here to id it? Flycatcher of some sort?
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