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  1. Photo taken this afternoon, May 22, 2022, Skidaway Island, Chatham County, GA

    Observed a pair of swallows feeding and collecting nest materials.  Nest materials were being

    carried up under an unused tractor-trailer covered van.

    Any ideas about an ID ?


    swallow .jpg

  2. Exchanged comments with my bird photo buddy this morning.  He said that the bird flew up close to him as he sat in his "golf cart blind" and didn't appear skittish.  It was in the area of a small pond that is located in a pollinator garden and field.  He also thinks that it was a juvi.  Let's call it a Loggerhead.

    What 'cha say ? Thanks and good birding !


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  3. WOW !

    A lot of good observations and comments.

    I'm of a mind that it's probably a juvi Loggerhead, now that I've settled down a bit.

    The yellow beak gape, the overall size impression of a couple of other photos, the summer range of both and the fact that my friend must have been close to get these images (good nature photographer who shoots from his golf cart blind - as he likes to say)  The adult loggerheads in this county are extremely skittish and I have never seen one at this location.    I will not hear from him until morning - early to bed.  More later.


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