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  1. Not an expert, but #1 looks like more black on the cheeks than is typical for Black-chinned. The bill looks on the long / curved side for a Black-chinned (and short for a Lucifer), so could probably go either way, but probably better for a Black-chinned. #2-#4 has less black on the cheek, though it's still pretty dark for a Black-chinned. On the other hand, all the photos seem to lack buff / cinnamon color on the flanks which Lucifer females seem to usually have. In this case I would definitely pay attention to any sound it might make. Hummingbirds frequently hybridize, so maybe that is a possibility. Hope that helps.
  2. I think that's very possibly a Selasphorus hummingbird (Rufous, Allen's, or Broad-tailed) based on the amount of color on the sides (and maybe a small amount behind the wings near the rump), but a good shot of the tail would definitely help confirm it.
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