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  1. near Fairbanks, AK https://ibb.co/ZLmv6JS https://ibb.co/sKGJqGX
  2. I'm pretty sure of the two plovers here, the others not so much. I think the first is a Black Bellied Plover, and the other plover a Piping. The two gulls, I do not know. The one gull was particularly large. One is maybe a Marbled Godwit? The most confusing picture to me is the one with the many birds on the sandbar. Are those Black Bellied Plovers too?
  3. 1) gallinule? Never saw any red on the beak area though. was fairly distant 2) kinglet? not sure on this one. thanks!
  4. Today, Upstate SC, near Greenville https://ibb.co/hBMZdV
  5. I know there are sparrow duplicates here. Just trying to be sure. Sparrows are difficult. I "think" the one is maybe a harrier and a Black Phoebe? I'm from the east coast so the west coast exclusives are new to me. Thanks!
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