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  1. This was today at my house near Joshua Tree. I think it might be a rock wren. It’s video but I included a still as well. RingVideo_20230923_220726.mp4
  2. Taken last week near Joshua Tree National Park. The area has Leconte’s, Bendire’s, and California species I am going with California thrasher just based on the more brown versus gray coloration of Leconte’s.
  3. Sighted today (5/29) near Joshua Tree. There were three of them together flocking with HOFI and even though they flew with the finches they tended to stick together. From a distance I thought Brewer’s blackbird because of the size and all-black coloration. However, I managed to get closer to see that they were not all-black but actually had a lighter brownish(?) head. Ah ha! Cow birds! Well, no. It turns out they had a ring around their neck and a lighter-colored bib as well. I have been birding this area for a decade and these were a first for me in this location, whatever they are. What are they? Second photo shows with HOFI in the shot to compare size.
  4. I think these are American white pelicans but maybe also snow geese. They were very large. There were 22 of them flying in a V and then sometimes just circling on air currents in a disorganized manner. This was over Pasadena so pretty far inland (30 miles from the ocean) and not something I usually see.
  5. It looks like a Robin to me. What might the alternatives be? None here in California. Not sure about Chicago.
  6. I have had very good luck with the BirdNET App when it comes to IDing song and sounds. I tried SongSleuth and it was wrong more than it was right - often REALLY wrong. However, BirdNET is really great! It has even picked out two birds calling at the same time. I have been able to ID a lot more birds since I started using it, since I often hear birds before I see them and BirdNET gives me a good idea of what I might be looking for. It's not always able to make an ID and it is not 100% correct, but it's been a great tool to have in the arsenal for people like me who can't yet identify every call made by every bird.
  7. Which might put the ID into question… That is why I asked.
  8. I see that camera has a 65x zoom lens. Pretty nice for a P&S! You used a tripod, I assume?
  9. I also have a house near Yucca Valley (Flamingo Heights) and I saw a Scott's this spring, too. Hooded is more common. Actually, in that area you can also see Bullock's as well for the trifecta! I have seen all three at my property over the years. I saw a Hooded just today. What makes it distinct isn't the yellow belly as much as the black head. If it's a yellow bird that is not a black-headed grosbeak but has a black head then it's a probably a Scott's oriole.
  10. Very nice photos! What did you shoot this with?
  11. Ontario, Canada or Ontario, California?
  12. I would be interested in learning what defines this bird as a HOFI.
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