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  1. dred

    Which type of Hawk?

    I agree on both counts
  2. dred

    House Finch?

    Yep looks good for a house finch
  3. Some fish from the office Sharpnose puffer Bighead searobin
  4. dred

    Fall Migration 2018

    Had some purples show up this weekend
  5. Yep that looks good for a palm warbler
  6. dred

    OCW or ????

    Looks better for a pine warbler. Location?
  7. Pine warbler perhaps, but I'm not 100 percent on that.
  8. dred


    I agree with that
  9. Blocky head with pale nape looks good for a cooper's
  10. dred

    Long Island ocean

    Looks better for a female black scoter
  11. dred

    Bunting SE Florida

    Looks like a painted bunting with that green tinge
  12. Sounds like it coukd be an orange crowned warbler to me