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  1. House sparrow was the other option I was thinking so that makes sense
  2. First bird is a sparrow, perhaps chipping sparrow, but I'm not positive because of the shadow. Second is a dark eyed junco
  3. My first thought was orange crowned as well
  4. The sparrow looks good for a savannah
  5. It's not a swamper, looks better for a field sparrow.
  6. With that blocky head and pale nape I would go cooper's
  7. Seen today in a field next to a canal in south Louisiana. American golden or my usual black bellied?
  8. My guess is that most of the duck you saw there were domestic and not wild birds, typically not countable.
  9. First one is an osprey. The second may be a red shoulder hawk, but it looks like it's going through a rough molt and I'm not really sure about it.
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