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  1. Seen today in Slidell Louisiana. Found in a large grassy field hanging out with the meadowlarks.
  2. I've had so many hard drive failures that I never have my pics on less than 2 at a time. Right now I have a 2 4tb backups and a 16gb that I can work from. Also I usually store the good edits online as well.
  3. Sorry for the rough pics I may add the high resolution copies later if needed. My initial thought is crow with weird lighting effects
  4. Not the best picture, but definitely the most interesting bird I have had in my yard.
  5. Thanks for the ID help. It's been a good bird day here. I think the front is pushing lots birds through. I got 2 new yardbirds osprey and swallow tailed kite.
  6. Seen soaring today Bonus possible leucistic yellow rumped warbler
  7. My back yard just off 21st Ave near Tyler Square. Nice to see someone local on here
  8. Anyone want to take a crack at this one. Same tree, worse light? Looks like an Baltimore oriole to me, but I don't know if there is enough info for a good id.
  9. I'll have to look but I don't think it ever showed a good side view of the wings. It stayed high and well covered unfortunately. I never got the impression of wing bars through the binoculars, but never got a good look either.
  10. Seen today in covington louisiana. Summer would be the expected species right now
  11. Drawing a blank on this one. Seen this morning near an oxbow lake just off the Mississippi River near Vicksburg Mississippi. Thanks
  12. House sparrow was the other option I was thinking so that makes sense
  13. First bird is a sparrow, perhaps chipping sparrow, but I'm not positive because of the shadow. Second is a dark eyed junco
  14. My first thought was orange crowned as well
  15. The sparrow looks good for a savannah
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