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  1. 11 hours ago, meghann said:

    Until the internet goes down someday. . . . .?

    Yeah, I tried an external and it went bad and is now a fancy paperweight. It wasn't even that old.

    I have an online storage account, but I'm keeping my photos on my cards, too.

    I've had so many hard drive failures that I never have my pics on less than 2 at a time. Right now I have a 2 4tb backups and a 16gb that I can work from. Also I usually store the good edits online as well. 

  2. Just now, Charlie Spencer said:


    I think #1 is a female House Sparrow.

    I agree with Dark-Eyed Junco for the second bird (juncos are in the sparrow family).

    Also, next time please remember to include the date and location you saw the birds.  Thanks!

    House sparrow was the other option I was thinking so that makes sense 

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