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  1. The falcon looks like a Merlin to me, but not positive. The second looks like a redtail with the white scapulars and i think you can just make out the belly band.
  2. Looks like a brown headed cowbird
  3. I'm going with red tailed hawk with those white scapular markings
  4. Seen at my feeder today. Just a ruby throated or could it be something different? Sorry about the terrible pictures, I had to take them through my door.
  5. I'll trade 30 whistlers for one spotted redshank
  6. Nice Verdin! I tried for one in Texas, but it just didn't work out this trip. Hopefully next time. The story ended with a full and happy cormorant.
  7. Choke canyon state park about an hour south of San Antonio TX. Great spot on a nasty day.
  8. Yesterday Harris hawk, fulvous whistling duck, green jay, and olive sparrow. Today winter wren
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