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  1. TooFly


    Thanks! You did...I was actually testing which site gets faster and more accurate responses!!! #busted 😳🤦🏼‍♂️😬
  2. TooFly


    Thank @IvoryBillHope That’s what @Creeker and I came up with, I just wanted confirmation due to size difference. Suppose @millipede is correct and maybe just a larger bird who’s puffed up.
  3. TooFly


    I agree Marbled is expected...but I don’t see baring on the tail like the others, I don’t see a buff eye ring, the eyeliner is darker, the head looks bigger also, not just the body, everything about this bird is twice the size...
  4. TooFly


    This may be the same bird...different angle.
  5. San Diego, Ca 02/15/19. Bird is larger than Marbled (also in photo) with different baring. I sleuth is saying “Hudsonian Godwit” (which Sibley states is smaller than Marbled) What do you see?
  6. I agree...although 5 could be a blue gray Gnatcatcher...female?!?!
  7. I concur...it’s a singing Bewick’s Wren
  8. TooFly

    Some warbler in CA

    Confirmed...yellow rump.
  9. I agree with Ash-Throated...due to the ashy colored throat. 😬
  10. Brown headed and Brewers blackbird is my input.
  11. If you’re talking about the smaller birds on top of the rock, and not the full 🤔😒 Then I like surfboards based on your additional deaceiption and their distinguishable attributes.
  12. TooFly

    ID this ball?

    I like wintering American Pipit. Do you have any other photos? Side note: it would be fun to start a thread with photos of questionable birds like this, and the. After everyone tries to guess, you post an identifiable shot (side profile, flight,etc). To see if we got it right! Although it might make people go out and try to get bad shots 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. I only use it occasionally...when I’m stuck on someone’s bird here 🤣. But I’m worried as it gets better places like whatbird will become obsolete...and I believe these sights are where people can really learn! I mean I’m getting so good at Identifying other people’s birds when i go on trips to places you all live I don’t even need a field guide!!! 😍😂🤣🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. I like the app. Sometimes when I’m confused/stumped it points me in the right direction. Sometimes it’s not the #1 choice. But it “usually” gets the correct bird in the top three, and almost always gets me pointed in the right direction by at the very least putting up a similar bird/species.