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  1. The first bird looks like a black and white Warbler to me.
  2. Good catch, honestly I just overlooked the 4th one assuming they were all the same! #lazzybirder
  3. They all look like the same bird, no? Looks like Eastern Phoebes to me.
  4. Bump! No one??? Where’s @psweet and @Bird Brain when you need them?!?!?!
  5. 03/02/19-San Diego, Ca Okay, this has me and some others stumped...Merlin says Yellow Warbler, but we don’t believe that’s accurate due to time of year and lack of immatures. It’s second guess is Virginia’s Warbler, but no eyering and no dark feet. Isleuth says palm Warbler (87%), American Redstart (4%), and common Yellowthroat (3%). Facebook says common yellowthroat or possible parula, but no definitives...I have other angles and higher Rez if needed. thanks!
  6. Also, European Stalings have different colored beaks and feet! Best way to distinguish them from a red-winged black bird.
  7. Nope. No one else brought it up...but someone who just refound it stated it had good spots on the back like a red breasted ?‍♂️ Maybe it’s a mix of three species ???
  8. Looks like it has a long curved bill, mostly brown, and no white seen on the top of the tail.
  9. 02/26/19 San Diego, Ca I posted this to FB and a few people think it’s good for a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. I’m on the fence and have not heard back from the reviewers which has me scared... here is a link to a video I made Incase you want to see behavior. There are two separate clips on the video.
  10. Thanks! You did...I was actually testing which site gets faster and more accurate responses!!! #busted ???‍♂️?
  11. Thank @IvoryBillHope That’s what @Creeker and I came up with, I just wanted confirmation due to size difference. Suppose @millipede is correct and maybe just a larger bird who’s puffed up.
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