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  1. Both birds were seen in Sterling Forest NY yesterday. Thanks for the assistance.
  2. Hi, I'm not able to identify the warblers in the attached pictures. I think the first one next to the nuthatch may be a yellow-throated warbler. The second one may be a palm warbler, Thanks in advance for the assistance! Pics taken today at DeKorte Park with Nikon P900. Pat
  3. Thanks very much! Never saw a Cape May Warbler before!
  4. Hi...stopped by the NJ Meadowlands DeKorte Park late this afternoon and saw a few birds I was not sure about. I'm guessing the first two are warblers and the last one an eastern kingbird. Camera was Nikon P900. Thanks all for the ID assistance.
  5. OK...Thanks very much! I'll read up on both species.
  6. Location was Sedona, Arizona. Camera was Canon SX50 HS. Thanks in advance for any IDs.
  7. Hi..I visited Arizona last week to attend a convention and had a chance to do some walks with my camera. I checked the bird guides but could not identify these hummingbirds. Any help with the IDs is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. need help with id of this sandpiper on katama bay in MV. . I think it is a solitary sandpiper based on checking a reference book. Thank You!
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