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  1. I'm sorry. It was Windsor Ontario this morning...and thanks 🙂
  2. I saw a pair of these today, in the branches on the ground.....chirping. They were too small to be carolina wrens. Could this be a winter wren? Sorry the photos aren't very clear.
  3. thank you so much. I have a hard time finding enough distinguishing marks to id many warblers in the fall.
  4. taken today in Windsor, Ontario. sorry I couldn't delete the duplicate photo
  5. yay! another lifer!! I can't believe these birds have visited my area forever and I never took the time to notice 😞
  6. I don't know if it's identifiable with these shots but I believe this is a type of waterthrush? Ojibway Park, Windsor, Ontario today
  7. This bird was seen soaring with some bald eagles today at Point Pelee, Leamington, Ontario. Is it a juvenile eagle or something else?
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