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  1. It also looks like a young one. The pink gape, brown downy like feathers and when I zoomed in, they eyes look like dark blue. Nice shot!
  2. Ruby-throated Hummingbird enjoys a zinnia
  3. A young Common Yellowthroat. He stayed pretty well hidden in the wildflower garden but came out of hiding long enough to nab a few photos.
  4. I found an interesting study on pileated woodpeckers a few years ago. The study period was from 1973 - 1983. There was a ton of interesting information.Pacific Northwest Pileated Study It doesn't say anything about dual nests, but they do address renesting. I wonder if it's something like that. Anyway, I know this isn't an answer to the question, but it's a really interesting study.
  5. That's what I thought. It seemed like he didn't quite know what the feeder was at first. He was on it for a few minutes before he started grabbing seeds from the tray. We have a large wildflower garden near the feeders and I'm pretty sure I spotted him in it a few times, but didn't get a good enough look to be certain. Then, I glanced at the feeder and my first thought was 'that's an odd looking goldfinch', but then I knew right away it wasn't. I was kind of surprised I was even able to get any photos, but he didn't seem to be bothered by me .
  6. I have a few photos of him eating what looks like saffron seed. White outer husk, brown inner hull.
  7. Thanks for the confirmation, nevsar. I think this is a first for me. I LOVE fall migration!
  8. I think this is a bay-breasted warbler. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Well, I bought the app and I have to say it's pretty slick. I was able to zoom in when 3D is activated. Thank for the tip!
  10. Thank you for such a fast reply. I have quite a few bird books and I also use All About Birds, but even with those I have a hard time with warblers. I might check out the app. Thanks again, HamRHead!
  11. I have a really hard time IDing warblers. I think the one on the left is a Nashville, and the one on the right a female Tennessee. Any help is appreciated.
  12. ( I stopped typing to have dinner, and apparently took to long because I wasn't able to edit my previous comment...so, here it is, in full ... 🙂 )Thank you ! It really had me stumped. My first thought was a Common Yellowthroat, but the underside is all yellow, and it has the little patches of black on the side of the neck, which made it even more of a mystery. Then I looked at the Nashville and compared it to the Connecticut, and thought it looked more like the later. But, looking at the eyering didn't seem to match the Nashville, or the Connecticut, but seemed closer to the Yellowthroat. Birds can be so tricky!! Thanks again!
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