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  1. Tree Climbing Chipmunk. I've seen them climb trees, but not often and it cracks me up every time.
  2. Thanks so much, Kevin. That really makes sense. I have at least one video of it but I couldn't upload it.
  3. I've seen white-breasted nuthatch's swipe their bills around the opening of the hole in the tree they were nesting in. Sometimes they'd work their way down from the upper part of the tree swiping back and forth but always ended up at the opening of the nest hole, then they'd circle the opening, swiping their bill back and forth over the edges of the opening. I tried finding a reason they do this, and really came up with nothing. Sometimes they had a bug in their bill, and other times, nothing. My thought is it's kind of like marking their area, or, in the case of the smooshed bugs, maybe so
  4. That's what I was thinking. They can look a bit on the black side, vs brown. But it seems like a good fit. Although, I don't know if Brown Creepers take one seed at a time like chickadees do. I'm trying to think if I've ever seen one on our feeders.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a chickadee go up and down a tree trunk the same way as a nuthatch. Their feet aren't designed like a nuthatch. I've seen chickadees on the underside or tip of a branch but I really can't say I've ever seen one that can go up or down a trunk.
  6. The tail wasn't forked, it was I shaped like a U, the center portion of the tail was like the lower part of the U and all of the feathers were smooth and rounded at the tips, if that makes sense. The wings were kind of short and stocky. We have a ton of Barn Swallows and they definitely weren't Barn Swallows.
  7. It's possible. I didn't think about those, but I'll check online to see if I find something similar. Thanks for the response and idea.
  8. 2 birds flew over me a few minutes ago. At first I thought 'doves', but I'm almost certain they were not mourning doves. They were much smaller than doves. I only saw the underside of them. They were flying very close together, the were very light colored, not white but a very light tan. Their wings were rather short and wide and they didn't make any noise as they flapped, and they were flying almost in unison. The tails are what really got me. They were fanned out, but the feathers in the center were much shorter than the outer feathers, and they formed a U shaped, smooth and
  9. I was watching the nest, and I realized I could hear the chicks in the nest, and no sooner did that register with me, one of the adults came with foods for the chicks. Those babies were hungry!
  10. I know they're common, but I never tire of seeing and hearing them.
  11. Well, that makes sense but I kind of like my theory even though it was wrong. It just looked so comical. I will say that I'm glad I was at the right place at the right time to see that. The odds of seeing hawks gathering nesting material are probably slim, but to have it happen in my yard - way cool!
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