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  1. That's very interesting. I didn't know that and probably wouldn't have had I not posted this photo. So I Iooked at the timestamp on the photos and it was about a minute from when it started raising its tail to the very last shot of the 'unload' series 😀 and a few seconds later it maneuvered it's body to face the opposite direction, then swooped off of the pole and missed a chickadee that had come out of hiding. All the other birds, as well as the squirrels and chipmunks stayed hidden in the garden for quite a while after the hawk left. Thanks for the cool information!
  2. I'm thinking it's saying " I see you watching me, so watch this!"
  3. I was able to watch this bird for a couple of days, and one thing that stuck out was the tail wagging, so I looked at the various warblers that were similar in appearance, and this one fit the description, including the tail wagging. It stayed mostly in the pollinator garden that has tons of tall flower stems and leaves, but it surprised me by flying to a branch that was a few feet in front of me, and even when I walked right up to it, it stayed there.
  4. Thanks! Nikon d750 w/200-500 mm len f-stop 5.6 to 32. And sometimes a 70-200 f-stop 4 to 32 f-stop 4 to 32.
  5. This is a really bad photo, but I don't care. Fall Migration brings such exciting surprises, like this Wilson's Warbler. Taken in Minnesota - 30 miles west of Minneapolis.
  6. I actually have that book but I forgot about it because we keep it in the car for road trips.
  7. I was leaning toward a Blackburnian, maybe a juvenile female but I'm just not good at warblers. But, I just looked at the Bay-breasted and it looks good. Thanks! And, it's another first.
  8. These were taken yesterday and the photos are really bad, but the litter stinker caught me off guard and didn't stay still for more than a few seconds.
  9. I saw that, congrats to you, too!
  10. Thanks! It's a first sighting for me. And, that's what I meant to say..Vireo 😄
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