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  1. I apologize for the poor photos lately. The birds are here and gone so fast! Spotted Oct 13 3:30pm in Lake George, CO
  2. Spotted today alone around 3pm in Florissant, CO I unfortunately didn’t have my big camera on me - not sure if these photos are good enough, but thinking a female mountain bluebird?
  3. It’s funny you both say that because those are the two I’m looking at in my bird book! Hope I can snag a better pic soon.
  4. I know the little guys are Pygmy nuthatch. Looking to find out what the bird on the bottom left is? Sorry, the photos aren’t great. Will try to get better ones! Spotted alone today around 1pm in Lake George, CO. Seems to have a faint red head I think
  5. I was thinking a female after looking at my book - it's hard. I'm gonna look at what you said in my bird book now!
  6. You all have been so helpful with identifying birds! Am I right in thinking this is a Yellow-Breasted Chat or no? Spotted numerous times in pines nearby yet never at the feeder. Finally got a photo of it today around 12:20pm Near Lake George, CO
  7. Spotted today around 3pm near Lake George, CO.
  8. Thank you! These are excellent pics for helping me out.
  9. After getting a bird book then comparing the photos on my laptop that’s what I’m seeing too!
  10. Thank you! When looking at that photo it looks like the two birds I saw!
  11. True, that makes sense. So it’s probanly just a few sizes of Downy. Thanks for the explanation!
  12. Ok, so Downy’s can be smaller and bigger?
  13. That’s what I thought too, but it’s hard when the types look so similar! Haha.
  14. Ok, so there are just different sizes of Downy?
  15. From my research I think a Downy and a Hairy male woodpecker, but I'm unsure? One seems to be much smaller than the other, I haven't seen them land together yet so it's hard to tell, but here are a few photos comparisons. Both spotted near Lake George, CO yesterday. What I believe is Downy are in first photos, then Hairy following in next two photos.
  16. Thank you! I've identified six birds in one day after tons of research, but could not find this one anywhere! It was driving me crazy, haha.
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