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  1. 846CA519-2544-4280-8B51-B83ACF184035.jpegI know the little guys are Pygmy nuthatch. Looking to find out what the bird on the bottom left is? Sorry, the photos aren’t great. Will try to get better ones! 


    Spotted alone today around 1pm in Lake George, CO. Seems to have a faint red head I think  


  2. 27 minutes ago, psweet said:

    Okay, if you're reading a size out of a field guide or on-line source, and it gives you one number -- laugh at it. Just like people aren't all 5'6", Downy Woodpeckers aren't all 6.5" -- those are averages, and there's variation around them. Pyle lists wing measurements as 84 - 115 mm, for instance, which is a fair bit of variation. Interestingly, he also lists overlap between Downy and Hairy in both wing and tail measurements, although that may be a geographic issue. (Large Downy in one place could overlap with small Hairy somewhere else, without ever showing an overlap at any one location.) The one measurement he doesn't show overlap with is the bill length, although even there they can come closer than field guides often make it look.

    Looking back at that third bird, I'm not quite as comfortable calling it as I was -- there isn't a shoulder spur which a Hairy should show, but the head and bill look a bit bigger than I was thinking.

    True, that makes sense. So it’s probanly just a few sizes of Downy. Thanks for the explanation!

  3. From my research I think a Downy and a Hairy male woodpecker, but I'm unsure? One seems to be much smaller than the other, I haven't seen them land together yet so it's hard to tell, but here are a few photos comparisons. Both spotted near Lake George, CO yesterday. 

    What I believe is Downy are in first photos, then Hairy following in next two photos.






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