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  1. If I thought about my best or favorite photo for much more than a few seconds having to choose would be difficult. But as soon as I thought about it this photo was the first photo that popped into my head. It's a Mangrove Swallow, the photo was taken while on a river tour of the Frio River in the northern part of Costa Rica. It was taken last year in January, a few months before the pandemic kicked in.
  2. Not my favorite bird, but I took this photo a few days ago and thought it was a nice shot.
  3. Hello, Seen a few days ago in Chapel Hill, NC. This is the season of the sparrow around here. Mostly I see White-throated and Song Sparrows, but I'm always looking for the different sparrow in the crowd. I do see Swamp's and occasionally a Fox or Savannah. I'm not sure if the two photos are of the same bird, but I thought these were Swamp Sparrow's although I thought I'd ask for another opinion or two. Thanks!
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