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  1. On my recent trip to Costa Rica my main target bird was a Resplendent Quetzal.  I last visited Costa Rica in 2018 and stayed in the Monteverde area for a few days.  While there I had walked the Curi Cancha Reserve several times hoping to see a Quetzal, there had been eBird reports of recent sightings, but I came up empty. 

    On this trip I decided to use a bird guide and told him above anything else, I really wanted to see a Quetzal.  He recommended that we go back to Curi Cancha.  Being a good guide, he knew where to look for a Quetzal and within ten minutes he spotted a female in a mini-avocado tree.  He told me that if we waited a bit we would probably see a male as well.  I had no problem waiting and within 15 minutes a male made his appearance.  Eventually there were at least four Quetzal’s, maybe five, in that tree, which was really something.

    Although the two males did some jousting and were briefly in the open, most of the time the birds were fairly deep within the tree.  (It was a massive tree)  I managed a few decent photos and was happy to get them.   I think this is my best shot…  

    49531766951_e91ce7845e_b.jpgResplendent Quetzal by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr 

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