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  1. Seen in Chapel Hill, NC this morning.  The bird had a fairly pronounced reddish hue to it, when I first saw it I instantly thought it was a Veery.  I stalked it for a while trying to get a decent photo of it.  I'm posting two photos, one fairly decent and the other not so much, but shows a bit more of the throat.  



    I'll mention that about two minutes after I took the last photo of the bird I came across what I was 100% sure was a Swainson's Thrush and it had a much duller brown color to it.  

  2. Seen this morning in Chapel Hill, NC.  It kind of looks like a Field Sparrow to me, but I have doubts.  I first saw the bird perched on a feeder along with a Chipping Sparrow, and this bird was noticeably larger.  Usually those two species are about the same size.  Also this birds beak just seems too large for a Field Sparrow.  To me the bird was like a Field Sparrow on steroids.  I wasn't able to get any great photos, but this is what I have.




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