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  1. This is from July. I see foxes from time to time during my bird walks, but normally as soon as they see me they run off. This one eye balled me for a few minutes and I was able to get a nice photo of it.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I actually spotted four more Tennessee Warblers this morning and quite a few Palm Warblers. The Palm Warblers are another species that in the past I'd see a few in the spring and a few in the fall. I've probably seen at least 30 of them the last three days. In general my neighborhood isn't a great warbler spot, but I've done pretty well this fall.
  3. Hello, Yesterday I was walking my usual morning bird watching trail in my neighborhood hoping to catch some migrating birds as the migration is winding down. Early on in my walk I spotted a Tennessee Warbler, which is a great find for my neighborhood. Over the last few years, I might see a Tennessee Warbler once or twice a year in this neighborhood, usually in the fall. I spotted that one and continued on my walk and saw some other good birds. About an hour later I noticed some movement in a row of trees along a road near one of our ponds. The previous fall I has seen some warblers in those trees and had been keeping an eye on them every time I walked by. I found several different bird species in the trees, including two more Tennessee Warblers. I was surprised to find two more and I managed to get a decent photo of one of them before they disappeared on me. I knew that I had seen Tennessee Warblers in that same tree last year and when I got home I went into eBird and went back to last Octobers observations. I discovered that I saw two Tennessee Warblers on the exact same date last year. Considering that I seldom see Tennessee Warbler in this area, I was a bit amazed that I had seen them on the same date, a year apart in the same tree. Is this just a coincidence? Not that I think they are the same birds, but it's a funny thing. Mark
  4. That was fast. I thought I was seeing Swamp Sparrows, not as well defined as the ones I usually see, although this was probably the earliest I've seen them here. The eBird checklist had them as being uncommon, so I wanted to be as sure as possible. Thanks!
  5. I saw this sparrow in Chapel Hill, NC this morning and it has me stumped. I may have seen several of this species, and wanted to get a photos of at least one of them to assist me with an ID. Not great photos, but the best I could get. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
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