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  1. That was fast. I thought I was seeing Swamp Sparrows, not as well defined as the ones I usually see, although this was probably the earliest I've seen them here. The eBird checklist had them as being uncommon, so I wanted to be as sure as possible. Thanks!
  2. I saw this sparrow in Chapel Hill, NC this morning and it has me stumped. I may have seen several of this species, and wanted to get a photos of at least one of them to assist me with an ID. Not great photos, but the best I could get. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. The photos were taken this morning in Chapel Hill, NC. This bird, which is a very young bird was hiding in the brush near where I was trying to get photos of some other birds. It was chirping off and on and keeping very still. I actually got very close to it and although it looked at me, never budged from it's spot. I felt I could have reached out and picked it up, but I would never do something like that. Anyway, I first thought it was a Common Yellowthroat, but it obviously (to me) isn't. There were several Orchard Orioles in the area, and I thought it was a fledgling Oriole. The bobbed tail was interesting, not sure if that's normal for a fledge or if it already lost some tail feathers.
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