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  1. Thanks! The funny thing is when I saw the bird the first thing that popped into my head was Willow Flycatcher. I've only seen one of those in my neighborhood in the seven years I've lived here and that bird was kind enough to call, which confirmed the ID. In fact, I just had a "Duh" moment and went back and looked at the photo I got of the Willow back then and I would agree that is most likely what I saw. At this time the eBird checklist doesn't have Willow/Alder, but I'll add it as a possible sighting and post the photo. Then I'll see what the local reviewer thinks.
  2. This morning while I was walking (Chapel Hill, NC) I spotted a flycatcher. This bird looked different from the usual flycatchers I see, it had a very yellowish belly and bold whitish wing bars. I got a decent look at it, but as soon as I reached for my camera it flew off. I really wanted to see about getting a photo of it, so I backtracked a bit watching for it and a bird flew out of the thicket and landed in a tree. It was a bit far, but I thought I could get a good enough photo of it for an ID. The photos weren't great, but as I was looking at them I was thinking I was looking at a Pewee. I'm pretty sure the bird I saw was not a Pewee, but I thought I'd post the photo and get a 2nd opinion. Thanks!
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