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  1. A few days ago I photographed a hawk that has me stumped. The photos are soso but I am wondering if anyone can give me a bead on this one. It appears darkish overall although the wings are patterned with white spots. Can anybody tell shat this is? 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  2. Thanks to Bird-Boys and Kerri. The photos have already been brightened as much as I dare. Immature is possible, I just feel stumped without the crescent "windows"..
  3. All, This morning I photographed a hawk flying over my back yard in west Houston, TX. The tail exhibets banding with the white bands being very narrow. Around here I would normally call this a Red Shouldered hawk as they are quite common. Still, this bird lacks the cresent "windows" at the outer wings that I associate with Red Shouldered. Any hawk experts wish to weigh in on this? 10,000 thanks amd appreciations in advance. Kevin..
  4. Nuts, Avery, Thank you both for your help. I was suspecting a Cardinal, but it is so different from what I am used to that I was stressed. Nuts, yes indeed, I had cut out the two pre-notes. Avery, fantastic ears! I indeed DID see a Phoebe today, and the cowbirds that are stealing all the grain from the goldfinch feeders. Which notes were the Phoebe? Kevin
  5. Nuts, The call was repeated about 6 times with little variation. I have uploaded a more complete recording. Note that I have heavily suppressed the low frequencies as the White-wing doves are nearly constant along with quite a bit of other hash. https://www.lessmiths.com/~kjsmith/birds/ids/ID02_12mar2021.wav Kevin
  6. Yet another west Houston TX mystery call Another bird call has me wondering. this time it is definitely a bird, but what kind? Any help again will be greatly appreciated and all this help is improving my birding skills greatly in the sound department. I have run all these through BirdNET, but that appears to be a somewhat limited resource. Nothing like an experienced ear! Sonogram and audio file attached: https://www.lessmiths.com/~kjsmith/birds/ids/Cardinal02_12mar2021.wav Kevin
  7. All, I recorded a number of sounds this morning here in west Houston TX. One sound (I hesitate to say its a call) has me stumped. It seems way too loud to be a bug, but what bird would sound like this? Blue Jay? Any sharp-eared people who can help will be most appreciated! Sonogram and link to audio file included. https://www.lessmiths.com/~kjsmith/birds/ids/GeaiBleu03_12mar2021.wav Kevin
  8. Tony, Thanks much, we have a boatlaod of Jays here too... Glad to paste the call to the bird.
  9. All, This morning while birding in my garden I managed to record an interesting call for which I did not see the bird. BirdNET unhelpfully suggests it may be a Monk Parakeet or Tundra Bean-goose, oh come on! I have loaded the audio file online and post the sonogram here. Are there any sharp-eared people out there who can help? 10,000 thanks in advance! Kevin https://www.lessmiths.com/~kjsmith/birds/ids/ID01_04mar2021.wav
  10. I wish to thank everyone who took the time to listen to the recording and especially to those who gave their input. My original impression was that the bird is a Blue Jay, then I uploaded the darned clip to BirdNET and became confused. 100% confidence for Kildeer. A Blue Jay was not even considered, go figure. I had set a small recorder, (Evistr V508 1536kbps), in a tree close to a hummingbird feeder to record those. I was away when the loud bird arrived. A Kildeer seems unlikely as it would have had to fly into the garden close to my small recorder to get such a recording. I also
  11. There are certainly mockingbirds and one makes occasional visits but they do not hang in the garden much, too much activity. Mockingbirds are kinda snooty that way. That would be a better solution than Kildeer, but..
  12. All, Today in my garden in Katy, TX (west Houston burbs) I recorded an interesting bird call but I did not see who the culprit was. If any sharp-eared people here can identify this bird that would be most appreciated. I did upload the clip to BirdNET where they suggest a Kildeer. I have never had a kildeer in my garden and am most sceptical of this ID. Sometimes it just take an experienced human ear! 10,000 thanks in advance, Kevin https://www.lessmiths.com/~kjsmith/birds/ids/Whatzit02_04feb2021.wav
  13. This morning is the west Houston TX suburb or Katy my feeders were visited by several hummingbirds including one that has me puzzled. Any help will be most appreciated, I did manage quite a few fairly detailed photos, posted, and make the following observations: 1) Quite long bill 2) Bill more noticeably decurved 3) GreyGreen back and crown 4) Chest and belly overall white to slightly grey 5) No touch of rufous anywhere Please let me know what I am missing!! Kevin
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