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  1. Tanager, Thanks for your thoughts on this.. I know it is a tough one. I will be seeking "local expert" advice on this one!
  2. Note the dark ear patch bordered above AND below, tapering back to a point at the back of its head. Darker upper bill, streaked back. This can only be a Black-headed Grosbeak.
  3. All, This morning fairly early I caught three ducks flying over my garden in west Houston suburb of Katy. The light was not really easy as the sun was still quite low casting a reddish feel on everything. Three mostly grey-brown ducks with little in the way of distinctive patterns, possible immatures. One thing I do note is a light area at the base of the bills. Suggestive of Blue-wing Teal or Greater Scaup. Everything else is trouble and/or a mystery to me! If any experienced duck observers are out there, can you give me a hand?! 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  4. All, This morning I caught an egret flying over my garden. Please vies the attached photos. I am a bit confused on this bird, at first I assumed it to be a Snowy Egret based on the yellow feet alone. On reviewing the photos I note that it also has brown on its neck, but on the sides, not on bottom as would be expected with a Cattle egret. The bill is also quite long and orange. Cattle egret should have a short bill and a Snowy should have a black bill. None fit. The wing primaries are not very white but more a dusty grey. All the above appears to favor a Tricolored Egret. Can anyone conform this? 10,000 thanks in advance, Kevin
  5. That is my idea as well, thanks much. K
  6. All, Yesterday I noted a small flycatcher in the garden, west Houston TX. I managed to capture a couple photos, somewhat blurry but show the plumage patterns and colors well. It is an Empidonax and I was not recording so I cannot give a vocalization. Is there any possibility to ID this little chap? Kevin
  7. I need to add another photo, its MUCH better quality!
  8. All, Another mystery from west Houston. I caught this bird flying overhead and managed a few photos. Its a medium-size bird with a dark cap from just below its eyes, stocky bill, dusky throat, light belly, dark tail with white tip. Can anybody help me here? Kevin
  9. All, Today in my west Houston garden I photographed a bird which I suspect is an Eastern peewee that has been hanging around for about a week. Looking at the photos I am not 100% sure. Can anyone take a look and confirm or provide a better ID? 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  10. Thank you SO MUCH, it had me stumped. This morning the rains are drifting to the east, possible the bird got caught onshore and has been moving with the wind.
  11. I need to add one additional photo as it gives more body detail. The bird has a light belly/breast with a dark upper breast and throat.
  12. All, This morning in the Houston drizzle and rain I managed to photograph a bird passing. At the time I thought maybe it was a small heron but now I am sure it is not. The overcast sky creates a silhouette so it is hard to say, but if anyone can help I will be very grateful indeed. 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  13. All, Thanks much, always learning something new!
  14. All, This rainy morning in west Houston / Katy TX I photographed what I at first thought was a Purple martin. On reviewing the photo I am thinking it is too large and its flanks too streaked to be this bird. As such I am quite stumped. Can anyone take a look and help me out here? 10,000 thanks in advance, Kevin
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