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  1. All, This morning I spotted a very pale hawk soaring over in west Houston/Katy area. I assumed at first that it is a Red Shouldered but as I look at the photos it seems too pale and wings too long, lacks a good "window" near the outer primaries. Can anyone give a better ID on this hawk? 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  2. Bird-Boys, Thanks so much for you reply. I was wondering if anybody had any idea! I appreciate your help. K
  3. All, This morning in the west Houston suburb of Katy I photographed a juenile hawk fly low overhead. I am unsure as to the ID on this one and would appreciate any help you may offer. Im kinda torn between Broad-wing or Red-shouldered hawk. If anyone can help I give 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  4. All, I am recently back from a visit to Arizona. While in Tonto National monument I spotted a curious bird that I am stressing over the ID. It is a fairly small bird, slightly dmaller than a cardinal, it has a basic grey back, small patch of white under its tail feather tips, light/white belly, fairly long bill, black throat and striking white eye-stripe and stripe between the ear and throat. Can anybody help me with this bird? Photos are not great but I think they give the field marcs well enough. 10,000 thanks in advance, Kevin
  5. Everybody, thanks yet again for all your help!
  6. All, Here in west Houston suburb of Katy I spotted a warbler in a live oak for which I captured a few photos of questionable quality. I was pointing up with a bright background so the bird is dark and somewhat silhouetted. The bird has a white belly, patch of orange/yellow under the bill, black moustache, white cheeks, black eye stripe and yellow cap. May have wingbars but I do not know for sure. The coloration suggests Dendroica of some sort but I am uncertain. Any specialists who can help with this ID? 10,000 thanks in advance. Regards, Kevin
  7. All, This evening while in the garden here in west Houston suburb of Katy I noted a flycatcher in the woodlot that backs up to my yard. I think I am dealing with an Eastern Pewee but do not rule out some sort of Empidonax. I got some fair (and a few poor) photos of the bird. Are there any sharp-eyed people who can help me confirm a Peewee or something else? 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  8. All, I photographed a balck bird in flight here in west Houston Tx this morning. I thought at the time it was a Grackle but as I look at the tail I begin to wonder. Grackle tails have a distinctive shape. The bill does not appear massive enough to be a crow. So, what bird is this? 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  9. All, This morning here is west Houston TX, I had a difficult warbler ID that I can use some help with. We have overcast sky which makes photographing birds in the live oak canopy very difficult, generally silhouetted. The warbler is basically yellow below with an olive back and blue-grey head. It has white (?) eye rings. Can anybody give me some help with this one! 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  10. Alright! Every once in a while I get it! Thanks to everyone who helped.
  11. All, Here in west Houston TX I also spotted a sparrow that I assume is a Lincolns's, but it appears more pale than I am used to and the chamois colored breast is also pale. It does have the very fine rays I expect in a Lincoln's. Can anyone conform this ID or give me a better one. 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  12. Thanks very much! Worn, molting, and quite, scruffy!
  13. All, Here in west Houston TX, I spotted a bunting that I assume is an Indigo, but it is pretty scruffy-looking and with quitte a lot of orange/rufous on it. Can anyone conform this ID or give me a better one. 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  14. All, Today in west Houston suburb of Katy I photographed what I thought was a Cooper's hawk. Looking at my photos makes me doubt this, but I have no other ideas to offer. Its tail is long as expected with an Accipiter, but rather too finely barred for a Cooper. Anybody who can help with the ID will be most welcome. Kevin
  15. Connor, Many thanks for the good identification, not my first Swainson's this spring, but first "first-year" bird. I am still learning about hawk ID!
  16. All, I am stressing over the ID for a hawk that circled around my area in west Houston. I got quite a few photos, but the lighting was atrocious, mostly backlit and silhouetted. It is dark overall with what I am pretty sure are dark crescents underwing as per my expectations for a Red Tail hawk. The tail is not salmon but barred/striped, possibly a first year bird but I am just not certain. 10,000 thanks for looking and hopefully an ID! Kevin
  17. Avery, Thanks very much for your help, I had the Sparrowhawk so I suppose I was just not imaginative enough to consider two different accipiter's at the same time. By the way, the Goshawk is a lifer for me, woohoo! 😄 Best regards and 10,000 thank you's. K
  18. Avery, Thank you very much, checking my guides now as well. The guide I had with me, [Oiseaux d'Europe by Delachaux and Niestle] just did NOT show the terminal tail band which was one of my better clues! Looking now at my old guide [Birds of Britain and Europe by Bruun and Singer] strongly suggests a Goshawk (Autour), terminal band included. One can never have enough guides! Kevin PS, I always liked Singer's illustrations and the Robbins and Singer guide to North American birds always got a bad rap.
  19. All, I was visiting the eastern french town of Colmar in Alsace in early February and could not help to look at what birds were around. One bird in particular has me puzzled. It is a raptor that I am unable to identify, photos (such as they are) included. At one point it was itself attacked by an accipiter (last photo). The bird is overall light in its markings, wings lightly patterned, wingtips somewhat darker, tail reasonably short and with a terminal dark band. In one photo I get a partial view of its head but am unable to state whether its crown is dark or not. Anybody able to help with this? 10,000 thanks in advance! Kevin
  20. Bird Nuts, Thanks very much, I learned something new!
  21. All, Today here in west Houston TX I photographed a Carolina wren with an interesting (to me) plumage that I have not taken note of before. The bird has numerous white back feathers giving it a spotted look. I am unsure of what I am seeing here. Waay too early to be dealing with juveniles. Can anybody set me right as to what I am seeing? 10,000 thanks in advance. Kevin
  22. Thank you all for your replies and discussion. Recall that the original discussion centered around a Rufous ID. Recall also that in my reply to DLecy I noted that the Allen's were confirmed ID's. I posted the photo in order to contrast it with the first bird. Hasan, you are exactly correct that the photo I posted is not diagnostic. That is rather the whole point! Rufous and Allen's sitting at a feeder should look essentially similar / same, but the Rufous in question looked (to me) quite different from the (confirmed) Allen's. That is what was bothering me and that is why I chose the photo I did. That the Allen's was a confirmed ID I thought had been established. Clearly it had not, so my apologies for confusing you.
  23. Hasan, Now I must ask you to cut me a bit of slack. The photo is of a bird that has been visiting the garden since Dec 18. I see it and photograph it daily. Its gorget pattern is its fingerprint, very easily recognizable. On 20 Dec I captured a photo of it with a good tail spread and that, along with several other photos were forwarded to Sheri Williamson, Director/Naturalist at the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory, and author of the Petersen Field Guide to hummingbirds of North America. She confirmed it to be an Allen's. I must say, I trust her opinion much more than yours! So, the photo IS of an Allen's.
  24. All, I would call to your attention also the observation that this bird is primarily covered with green body feathers down the back to the rump and tail coverts. I have never seen an immature Allen's described with green rump and coverts.. Its face is also mostly green with slight rufous. I attach a photo of one of my confirmed Allen's, also from yesterday. Its coloration is completely different than this "Rufous".
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