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  1. Taken south of Richmond VA today. Could these be Savannah sparrows? Perhaps the distance gives them a lighter coloration. Scott H.
  2. Third and final request from my trip to Dutch Gap South of Richmond VA, today. I don't think it is House, Song, Chipping, Savannah. Could it be a swamp sparrow? Thanks, Scott H.
  3. I have a lot of trouble with hawks. Only a front view. Seen at Dutch Gap Park south of Richmond today.
  4. So I guess that is rare for this area! Thank you all. I was at the Dutch Gap Area! I should have been more specific as to my location. I saw a lot of birds there today. Lots of Cedar Waxwings. I am going to post another picture for help on a hawk. Thanks, Scott H.
  5. See south of Richmond, VA today. I included the 2nd pic since you can see the shape of the head. Why is there always a branch in the way to mess up the focus! Thanks, Scott H.
  6. Before anyone responds. This isn't just a female goldfinch with no yellow? The behavior was so different which is what caught my eye.
  7. Seen in my backyard in Glen Allen, VA, today. Could it be a flycatcher of some kind? Thanks, Scott H.,
  8. This is probably something I should recognize. But I am not sure. Seen south of Richmond, VA today. I am surprised the picture isn't worse consider how far away it was. Scott H.
  9. Seen south of Richmond, VA today. So many birds have similar colors but this seems different. Thanks, Scott H.
  10. Seen today north of Richmond VA. I shouldn't have so hard a time with something as big as a hawk. From the photos online, juvenile red shouldered hawks don't have so much red on their chest. So is this a juvenile red shouldered or a red tailed? How do you tell? https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacobmccandles/50424640248 Scott H
  11. Help identifying little gray bird. See south of Richmond VA, today. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacobmccandles/50405402382 Thanks, Scott H.
  12. See today in Glen Allen, VA. Poor pictures shot through kitchen door. Thanks, Scott H.
  13. Thanks. I hope she stays for the season but probably not.
  14. Please help identify this yellow bird siting in my weigela bush. Glen Allen, VA just now 4/28/2020. Must be a migrant. Not a usual visitor. Picture taken through glass door. Otherwise, what a good picture it could have been! Thanks, Scott H
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