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  1. What kind of warbler is this? See south of Richmond, VA yesterday. Poor pictures. Thanks, Scott H
  2. This was my only photo, but you are making me feel better that it is not so easy to identify after all.
  3. Just landed in crape myrtle tree while working on my computer today in Glen Allen, VA. picture taken through my dirty window. I know this is probably a beginner identification, but I have more trouble with hawks that smaller birds. What key things would you look at here to determine if this is a Red-Tailed Hawk or a Red-Shouldered Haw. Some Red-Shouldered Hawks on Google images have a reddish brown chest, but then I find younger ones have a chest like this. Thanks, Scott H.
  4. Can you tell what kind of raptor this is from this picture. Zoomed in, cropped and blurry. Seen in Ashland, VA today, Oct 17, circling around my yard. Just a red-tailed hawk? Thanks, Scott H.
  5. Saw no migratory warblers this morning:( Seen in New Kent County VA near Pamunkey river today. Are they both great crested flycatchers or something else? Thanks, Scott H.
  6. That is crazy to see 2 such rare birds at almost the same time. Both are first time sightings for me. Thank you!
  7. I saw these at the same time South of Richmond, VA near the James River today. First migrating birds I've seen this year. If that is what they are. Thanks for your help! Scott Hubbard
  8. You'd think I could tell by now. Especially from such a nice picture. Seen at Henricus Park south of Richmond, VA today. Thanks Scott H.
  9. Seen at Henricus park south of RIchmond VA, today. Is this too poor a shot to identify? Thanks, Scott H.
  10. OK. So, I was right in thinking it was not one of "the usual suspects"! Thank you!
  11. See at Henricus Park south of Richmond, VA yesterday. Probably just a usual sparrow, but I am not sure. It is that time of year when strange birds do come through. Thanks for your help, Scott H.
  12. Seen south of Richmond VA today near the James River. Thanks for your help, Scott Hubbard
  13. I see. I should have recognized them. It there had been a male, I would have. Thanks.
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