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  1. Today, June 3rd. Heard lots of Wood thrush as well as seen lots of Veery and Hermit just this one seemed odd to me being so pale compared to what I'm used to seeing here.. Thanks egosnell2002
  2. Sudbury, Ontario. Is it a Gray-cheeked Thrush? Looked too light and different for a Hermit Thrush? Thanks all :)
  3. What the heck is this thing? Sudbury, Ontario forests. Seen lots of warblers and such but no idea what this thing is. Black-and-white-Warbler being shadowed by a giant bird?! lol. Chickadee? Any ideas?
  4. I know the Killdeer. But is the other one possible to ID? I never knew shorebirds got that small? Least Sandpiper?
  5. Not White-rumped sandpipers right? The black line in the wing is throwing me off. Are they Semipalmated Sandpipers or maybe something else? Thank you. :) Northern Ontario, Lake Nipissing
  6. Sudbury, Ontario. There was alot of types of birds in a flood field. Of course just far enough so I couldn't muster a good clear photo. Are these Black-bellied or Golden Plovers? Thank you.
  7. Haha fine.... I'll stop thinking it's a bird. maybe.
  8. What about Ruddy Turnstone?
  9. I'm just east of Sudbury. North shore of Lake Nipissing. They have been reported in my area just not frequently. Thank you for that link Kerri :)
  10. Yes the photo is that bad haha. Eastern Bluebird? or American Robin? or American Kestrel? Shot through a tint windshield. Thought I could get closer but nope, they gone. I'm leaning towards Bluebird but they looked large from what my crummy memory remembers. Country road in Northern Ontario. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
  11. Sudbury, Ontario. Is it a Red-shouldered or Broad-winged Hawk please and thanks if possible.
  12. Haha maybe I'm seeing things and had too much sun and squinting today. Yes center, where the brush starts from the waterline. You see a little bit of white breast and it's neck and head are up and facing to the right
  13. I didn't even know this bird was there until I looked at the picture on my computer. Is it a Sora maybe? It was a very small pond off a quad trail in Northern Ontarios woods.Thank you.
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