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  1. Robin sized. I guess they could've been that too? Early birds.
  2. Sorry only picture I got with a wide angle lens :S Forest line alone the shore of Lake Nipissing, Northern Ontario. If you had to guess? Pine Grosbeaks? Red Crossbills? Thanks all :)
  3. Missed getting its tail. What are your opinions. Rough-winged is more common in my Northern Ontario (Sudbury) region right now I believe. Thanks all in advance.
  4. Leaning towards Peregrine as it looked larger than Merlins in the area plus the dark face with kinda a sideburn? It was on a grain elevator. This raptor on one side and lots of pigeons on the other. Help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Sudbury, Ontario farm field. (Northern Ontario) 3 Snow Geese with 1 little one? Tried to find immature pictures but didn't look the same but also Ross's Goose didn't look like it either. Help please :)
  6. Hi all. Best photo I could get in a lagoon near Sudbury, Ontario (Northern Ontario). The brown head bird in the middle up with either female green or blue-winged teals. Can't be a Cinnamon can it? Very rare here if so. Just the lighting and it's a green-winged male? Thanks all for your help.
  7. Looks too pudgy to be a woodpecker species too no?
  8. North shore of Lake Nipissing, Ontario. Up in an leafless tree about the size of a dove maybe. Looks like a Northern Flicker? First picture looks like it has a blackhead though but second pic shows abit of red or orange in the neck. Any ideas? Thank you.
  9. Hi. Lagoon in northern Ontario. Are the first two immature Common Mergansers and the bird after flying an Immature Black-bellied Plover? Thank you for your expertise.
  10. Same place different bird. Still beak too big to be a Brewers? Thanks :)
  11. No white eye ring. Could this be a Gray-cheeked Thrush or something else? today at a Wooded lot edge near Sudbury, Ontario. Thank you.
  12. Dark wings and tall. Long legs. Is it a female Brewers? Or a non breeding Grackle. Wahh... Please say the first one haha. Been searching for a year. Thanks in advance :)
  13. Sudbury Northern Ontario along a slow moving river. Different terrain along it. Vesper? Savannah? or??? Thank you for your help
  14. Never mind, I think I see some black on the upper wing.
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