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  1. Hi. Lagoon in northern Ontario. Are the first two immature Common Mergansers and the bird after flying an Immature Black-bellied Plover? Thank you for your expertise.
  2. Same place different bird. Still beak too big to be a Brewers? Thanks :)
  3. No white eye ring. Could this be a Gray-cheeked Thrush or something else? today at a Wooded lot edge near Sudbury, Ontario. Thank you.
  4. Dark wings and tall. Long legs. Is it a female Brewers? Or a non breeding Grackle. Wahh... Please say the first one haha. Been searching for a year. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Sudbury Northern Ontario along a slow moving river. Different terrain along it. Vesper? Savannah? or??? Thank you for your help
  6. Never mind, I think I see some black on the upper wing.
  7. July 17th. Farmers field in Northern Ontario (Sudbury) Is it a Herring just bad picture and can't see the black wing tips? Kinda rare to be a Glaucous or Iceland this time of year yes? Thanks in advance for your inputs.
  8. Hi all :) Is this a Lincolns Sparrow or possibly a Vesper? Both in the area. Sudbury, Ontario. Forest near waterline more suitable for Lincolns? Vespers would be in more open areas and bigger white eye ring? Thank you.
  9. Seeing is Mottled Duck aren't in my region of Sudbury (Northern) Ontario. This is a Mallard ??? crossed with a ??? July, 13th. Mallards, American Blackducks, Gadwalls, Northern Shovelers are all present at the location. Thank you :)
  10. Awesome all. Thanks for all the information. :) Barn Swallow it is.
  11. Okay so now I just looked up "Purple Martin in flight" and one looked real close to my photo and showed a fork the same. Ugh....
  12. Hmm,. Yeah I don't think it was that much larger than the Tree Swallows and not as dark as a Purple Martin . I've only ever seen one Purple Martin and could see a size difference from Barn Swallows that were with it. Where I was has so much diversity and all of these species are possible but Barn Swallow would be the most common so I wasn't sure what it was. Just seemed large for a Barn Swallow that I've seen here. For sure not Chimney Swift? though as that's what I though maybe it was. There was a couple pictures online when I google image searched "Chimney Swift in flight" that had forked tails like this but must be miss Id'd? Thanks everyone for your feedback. Appreciated :)
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