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  1. Thanks. The habitat should have been a clue to me as it had not chosen the wooded area where I was birding.
  2. This flycatcher was seen yesterday in Summerhaven, AZ at 8,000 feet. According to ebird, the common possibilities are cordilleran, dusky, or hammonds. Does not look like a cordilleran to me and the bill might be bigger than hammonds. Is this possibly a willow? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. That is the most common flycatcher in Summerhaven. It looked different but go with cordilleran.
  4. Taken about a week ago in Summerhaven, AZ. Thanks.
  5. Taken two weeks ago in grassland by a shallow lake in Willcox, AZ.
  6. Taken last few days at 8,000 ft elevation in mountains north of Tucson. Thanks.
  7. Seen today in Tucson, AZ. At first I thought greater pewee but seems to be olive-sided. Please confirm as I rarely see these. Thanks.
  8. May well be a young coot. I googled some images of "american coot feet" and saw one labeled a young coot that had gray legs/feet compared to the adult yellow/greenish.
  9. I'd guess the Cooper's meal is a rock dove although another birder was thinking a coot as there is a pond very close to the bird.
  10. Taken today in northern VA. Poor photos. Thanks.
  11. Seen today in northern Virginia. Thanks.
  12. Taken today in northern Virginia. Thanks.
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