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  1. Seen today in Tucson, AZ. At first I thought greater pewee but seems to be olive-sided. Please confirm as I rarely see these. Thanks.
  2. May well be a young coot. I googled some images of "american coot feet" and saw one labeled a young coot that had gray legs/feet compared to the adult yellow/greenish.
  3. I'd guess the Cooper's meal is a rock dove although another birder was thinking a coot as there is a pond very close to the bird.
  4. Taken today in northern VA. Poor photos. Thanks.
  5. Seen today in northern Virginia. Thanks.
  6. Taken today in northern Virginia. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Quite a difference from the more yellowish juvenile.
  8. Taken yesterday along Skyline Drive in Virginia. Kind of looks like an American redstart. Thanks.
  9. Seen yesterday at Skyline Drive Virginia (3000 feet elev). Thanks.
  10. Seen along the Rhon River early October - did not see a good match in Collins guide.
  11. Taken a few days ago in northern VA. Thanks.
  12. Just that shot but Tennessee were the most common at that place.
  13. Taken a few days ago in Virginia. A pine?
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