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  1. Thank you, I've had Merlin come up with different results with the same photo before, I've also had it come up with birds that are nothing like the photo I used!
  2. This was taken in Northeast Ohio this morning. I didn't hear it sing. I just assumed it was a House Wren, but I checked it on Merlin and it said Winter Wren. I know that Merlin is not always accurate. What do you think?
  3. What is this yellow bird? I'm guessing it's a juvenile. Taken today in Northeast Ohio.
  4. This was taken today in Northeast Ohio. I'm hoping it's not a Song Sparrow! Couldn't get a front view.
  5. I cannot tell my flycatchers apart. This was taken today in Northeast Ohio.
  6. Could be, what is interesting is that I talked to a couple of people from the park today and showed them the photo, and they said they saw one like it there last year. I didn't know there was a feather atlas! Thanks!
  7. A friend found this feather in the woods in a nearby park in Northeast Ohio yesterday (there is also a wetland in the same park). Anyone have any idea what kind of bird it could have come from?
  8. My brother took this photo near the shores of Lake Erie in New York. The bigger body makes me think maybe some kind of owl?
  9. These were found this morning in Northeast Ohio. Is the first one a Veery, and the second/third a Swainson's Thrush?
  10. I would have thought so too, but I use The Sibley Birds Second Edition, and it doesn't look the same at all.
  11. Can anyone help me ID this bird seen this morning in Northeast Ohio.
  12. Can anyone help ID this duck? It was seen this morning in Medina, Ohio.
  13. I don't remember, the last two are the same bird, the first one was taken right before the other two, but I can't remember if it was the same one.
  14. Any idea that this bird is? It was in White Rock, New Mexico. Thank you.
  15. Not sure if this is just a Purple Finch? This was taken in White Rock, New Mexico.
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