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  1. Is this a House or Winter Wren, taken this morning in Northeastern Ohio. Thanks!
  2. Ha ha! I assume that it is a juvenile bird, making it that much harder to identify. Thanks!
  3. I saw this gull this afternoon in Northeast Ohio. I'm not good with gulls, but I've ever seen one of these before. Thanks!
  4. Saw this hawk this morning in Northeast Ohio, what kind is it? Thanks!
  5. What kind of hawk is this? Seen in Northeast Ohio. Thank you.
  6. I saw this bird tonight shortly before sunset in Northeast Ohio, unfortunately the sun was behind it. Can anyone tell for sure what this is? I've lightened it up twice to get some detail from it.
  7. I need the IDs of these 2 birds taken on different days this week in Jamestown, NY. I only got 1 photo of the second one. Thanks!
  8. Is this a Scarlet Tanager? Seen this morning in Northeast Ohio.
  9. Are these Least Sandpipers? Seen in Northeast Ohio today. Thank you!
  10. I saw this bird this morning in Northeast Ohio. I'm assuming it's some kind of Oriole. I don't know if the out of focus photos will help, but I only got a few photos. Thanks!
  11. I saw this hawk this morning in Northeast Ohio. There are 2 photos. Can you please help me with an ID? Thanks.
  12. I'm looking for confirmation, are these Pectoral Sandpipers? Found this morning in Northeast Ohio.
  13. Are these Trumpeter or Tundra Swans? 3 photos in the same place taken in Northeast Ohio this morning. Thank you!
  14. These were seen in Northeast Ohio this morning. The two possible Pine Siskin photos were taken in different parts of the park, so they weren't together.
  15. I saw these this morning in Northeast Ohio. Some kind of finches? Thank you.
  16. I'm sorry, I forgot to put that it is in Northeast Ohio.
  17. Not so good with my ducks, is this just a Mallard? Thank you.
  18. Two birds seen this morning in Northeast Ohio. The second two photos are of the same bird. Thank you!
  19. There was a lot going on in the park I went to this morning, the 4th photo I took yesterday. Need IDs please!
  20. Looking for an ID for these 2 birds taken by the ocean last week in Murrell's Inlet, SC. Thank you!
  21. I was going through some photos from last June when I was in either the Myrtle Beach area, or Charleston. Is this a Tern, and if so what kind? Thanks!
  22. This was found this morning in Northeast Ohio. Thanks!
  23. Found this bird in a park in Northeast Ohio. Merlin says Pine Warbler, is that right?
  24. These were seen this morning in Northeast Ohio in a wetland area.
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