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  1. Need help with an ID for this warbler seen in Northeast Ohio this morning. Thank you!
  2. Well that explains a lot, I don't know what happened, I uploaded the photos to flkr, then copy and pasted them, not sure why they didn't show up on the post. I've gone back and added them, hopefully they will work this time.
  3. This was bigger than a Kestrel. It was just sitting in a tree on the edge of a wooded area near a reservoir. It flew off towards the rising sun, so I wasn't able to get a good look at it in flight.
  4. I saw this bird this morning in Northeast Ohio. The eye color is really throwing me, figure maybe it is a juvenile? Looked too small to be a red-shouldered hawk. I considered a Merlin, but looked a little too big, but I have only seen one twice, and it was farther away, so maybe it just looked bigger because it was closer up. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Is this a Short or a Long-billed Dowitcher? I can't tell the difference between the two. Thanks!
  6. I saw these (I think they are two separate birds) this afternoon in Northeast Ohio in a woody area by a lake. Are they female Cape Mays? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! It looked like it wasn't finished yet!
  8. I saw this small bird in a woody area in Northeast Ohio this morning. Any idea what it is? These are the only two photos I got, sorry no wings or tail visible! Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I only lightened up the second photo. I was hoping it was a Philadelphia because I don't have a photo of one of those.
  10. Is this a Philadelphia Vireo? Seen this evening in Norhteast Ohio. The light was pretty bad, so I had to lighten up the second photo. Thanks!
  11. Thank you, unfortunately I didn't hear it call.
  12. Saw this bird this evening in Northeast Ohio. Is is a Long-billed Dowitcher? Thanks!
  13. Going through some old photos and ran across this sparrow that I didn't ID. Taken in October of 2019 in Northeast Ohio. Thoughts?
  14. Going through old photos and found this Dowitcher that I hadn't identified. This was taken in July in Northeast Ohio. Is it a Short or Long billed? Thanks!
  15. Oops!! Sorry, I copied the first one and forgot to paste and do the others!
  16. I found a couple of more birds that I didn't identify from a trip to New Mexico back in September of 2017. The first Merlin gives as a Hepatic Tanager (maybe a juvenile?), the second and third birds were taken in the same general area on a day apart, I think they look like the same kind of bird, Merlin was of no help for them. Thanks!
  17. Sorry, forgot this not very good photo of it in flight if that helps.
  18. Going through old photos and found this unidentified Tern from May 2017 in Northeast Ohio. Is this a Common Tern? Merlin also says it could be a Forster's Tern. Any thoughts?
  19. I was going through some old photos and found I had not identified a couple of birds from my trip to New Mexico in September of 2018. Can you help me? Thanks!
  20. Is this a House or Winter Wren, taken this morning in Northeastern Ohio. Thanks!
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